Virtual Parties

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A virtual party is one of the many ways to share Pure Romance products, the opportunity, build relationships, grow your VIP Group, and have fun!  

Virtual parties are one of the simplest ways to share Pure Romance with your community. Because virtual parties allow you to connect with people anywhere, your reach can grow exponentially.  

Some additional benefits of doing a virtual party: 

  • Hostess coaching is easier 
  • Things can be scheduled 
  • You can do multiple parties at the same time 
  • They don’t involve as much of your time
    • You don’t have to drive or carry inventory!  
  • People can shop directly from your Personal Website 

Using your phone, tablet, or computer, you can showcase products, play games, and connect with people over the internet while helping women everywhere.  

Not sure what a virtual party is or if it’s right for you? Check out this introduction to many of the benefits of selling virtually:

There are three platforms for virtual parties. The following article will teach you how to do both a Facebook Live and a prerecorded party. Resources to help you execute a Zoom party are linked below.  

  • Go Live in a private Facebook Group – Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast real-time video from your phone, tablet, or computer. For virtual parties, you can go Live in a Facebook group and share stories, show products, and encourage guests to interact through the comments section
    • Benefits of Facebook Live parties
      • You can interact with guests in real time 
      • You can organically tailor the partying experience to each Hostess and group of guests 
  • Prerecord Your Party – Have a busy life and don’t want to sit behind your computer all day? Pre-recording your party is a great way to present your demo because all you have to do is record and post your best takes
    • Benefits of prerecording your party
      • You can have multiple parties going on simultaneously 
      • You can prep and polish your presentation without pressure 
  • Party Over Zoom – Zoom is a video conferencing platform you can use from your phone, tablet, or computer. The benefit of using Zoom is that you can see and hear your guests, and your guests can see and hear each other. This makes a virtual party more fun and interactive between you and your guests

Whether you’ve chosen to do a Facebook Live party or a prerecorded party, your party planning and prep will be the same. The difference between these two parties is in the presentation itself. Therefore, everything leading up to, and after, the “It’s Party Time” section applies to both Facebook Live parties and prerecorded parties.

Virtual Party Planning 

Experience is Key 

Before your virtual party, it’s important to experience one yourself. If you haven’t attended one before, reach out to another Consultant and see if you can check out one of theirs. Seeing another Consultant at work is a great way to see how the basic ins and outs of how a virtual party can go. 

We’ve also got some great examples you can check out right here to help you decide which type of virtual party you’ll be most comfortable doing: 

Create Your Link 

The very first thing to do after scheduling a party is to create the shopping link for your party. This unique link to your Personal Website will allow the attendees to browse and shop, while still making sure all their orders count towards the hostess’ party total. 

Creating and sharing this link before, during, and after the party is a great way to let the hostess and her guests see all that Pure Romance has to offer and allow them to: 

  • Create a personal Party Wish List 
  • Shop online with their Consultant
  • Get excited about the upcoming virtual party 

How to create a party shopping link: 

Making Your First Connection 

The first connection with your hostess to plan the party is a super exciting time for you both.  

Follow these steps during your connection to ensure that your hostess feels your enthusiasm about partnering together to have a fun night with her and her friends. 

  1. Ask the hostess why she wants to throw a Pure Romance Party
    • Does she want the hostess discount?  
    • Has she been to a party before – either virtual or in-person – and decided she wanted to throw her own?  
    • Is she interested in becoming a Pure Romance Consultant?  
    • Or is she just looking for a fun night for her and her friends? 
  2. Clarify the date, time, and virtual platform 
  3. Are there any products your hostess specifically wants you to talk about?
    • Share your digital catalog link so she can start shopping and creating her Party Wish List 
  4. Coach your hostess to invite people individually, share the link back to the group, and to talk to everyone they know about their party
    • Suggest she invites guests via direct messages with this:  

Hey {Name}! I’m having a virtual Pure Romance party! Let’s have some fun by joining the festivities & you can invite a few of your girlfriends…bonus, I get a free gift just for having you join the party group. My consultant, Stacey, is hilarious and so knowledgeable. Can I count on you?

When she replies “yes,” send this: 

Great! Here is the link {insert link} if you didn’t see that I invited you. Make sure you accept and turn on notifications because my Pure Romance Lady is so much fun!

  1. Have them engage with guests before the party by commenting, tagging, and liking posts
    • Encourage them to message guests before and during the party to boost excitement 
  2. Remind your hostess of the Pure Romance policy: there are to be no men or children – including babies – present at the virtual party. 18+ female-identifying individuals only. As you have no control over their in-house atmosphere, always remind both the hostess and guests to grab a set of headphones

Check out this great example of a virtual party planning call with a hostess: 

Before Your Next Connection 

Things to do before you make your next connection with your hostess. 

  1. Create a Facebook party group
    • Log in to Facebook 
    • Select “Groups” 
    • “Create New Group” 
    • “Group Name”
      • Example group name: {Their Name}’s FB Party
    • Choose “Privacy” and set group to “Private” 
    • “Invite friends” 
    • Add your hostess 
    • Once the group is created, have a fun party group cover image
    • Example party description:
      • It’s time for {Name}’s Pure Romance Virtual Ladies Night! It will be short and fun! The best part is, if you can’t attend the live show, it’ll be here for your viewing pleasure! Providing you all the perks of a PR party from the comfort of your own home! 
  1. Schedule fun, interactive posts leading up to the party
  2. Gauge attendees’ excitement
    • Check RSVPs in the Facebook Group you created for her 
    • See what kind of engagement posts in the Facebook Group are getting
      • Positive engagement looks like comments, likes, and tags 

Making Your Next Connection 

The next connection with your hostess can go differently depending on the type of engagement and interaction she’s getting in the Facebook Group. There are two scenarios to consider:  

  1. There are few (or no) people in the group
    • Reach out to your hostess and see if she needs help sharing invites with potential guests 
    • Remind her to follow-up with those she has already invited and prompt them to accept the invite 
    • Encourage those in the group to invite their friends 
  2. There are people in the group, but low engagement
    • Reach out to the hostess and encourage her to like, comment, and tag on the posts in the group 
    • Provide the hostess suggested materials to post in the group 
    • Offer a prize for participation
      • Prizes can be raffle tickets for a giveaway to be done later (giveaway prize can be a Foil Pack) 

Connect As Needed 

Keep in mind, you can always reach out to your hostess as needed. Gauge the relationship and if you think she needs more support or information, reach out again. Making sure she knows she’s not alone in this can be a great way to build a lasting relationship. Don’t forget to remind her that she can still share the party shopping link with those who are not attending. 


Find that the hostess can no longer attend the virtual party? No worries!  

  • Let her know that she doesn’t need to attend the virtual party
    • She can come back and tag, comment on, or like posts in the group any time to drive engagement  
    • You will provide follow-up messaging after the party she can use to reach out to guests 

Prep For Your Virtual Party  

Now that your hostess is ready, it’s time to make sure you are!  

Use these checklists to gather everything you need to get you party-ready. 

Prepare for Your Virtual Demo 

  • Decide which products you are going to demo ahead of time (this can vary by season or hostess request)
    • Clean all demo products and any display props you may use, like risers or mannequins 
    • Be sure to switch out any demo products that are no longer in good condition
  • Decide whether you will have guests shop the party shopping link, shop directly with you, or both
    • Note: Regardless of how the guests shop, your hostess must shop with you so she can use her Hostess Credit! 
  • Create your Google Connection Card 

Get Your Party Space Ready 

  • Pick a clean, well-lit room to record/stream from 
  • Set up the products you plan to show near your computer 
  • Set your Party Guide notes and the Virtual Party Flow near your computer 
  • Gather any supplies for your icebreaker, booking activity, and sponsoring activity 
  • Have pen and paper ready to write down guests’ names and take notes 
  • Let others in your home know you’ll be unavailable 
  • Decide what you will wear 
    • Even from home, you’ll want to stay classy and professional

It’s Party Time 

You’ve planned, you’ve prepped – now it’s time to party. Follow this guide to ensure you cover all your bases – from the general flow of the party, to taking orders, and following up afterwards! Your party flow will differ depending on whether you decided to do a Facebook Live party or a prerecorded party. The steps for each type of party are laid out below.  

Facebook Live Party Flow 

As you see guests arrive, make sure you welcome them on your live stream. Encourage them to participate in conversation through the comment section. Make small talk with them and get them excited for the presentation!  

Example small talk prompts:  

Drop a comment and let me know where you’re tuning in from!

What are you all most excited for during tonight’s party? 

How do you know {hostess’ Name}? 

Before the Demonstration 

Before your demonstration begins, encourage guests to grab a pen and piece of paper so they can write down their most-wanted products throughout the presentation! This is also a good time to remind them how they can get raffle tickets to be entered to win the giveaway prize.  


Now it’s time to start your demonstration. Here is the recommended flow of your Facebook Live presentation: 

  1. Welcome
    • Introduce yourself 
  2. Thank your hostess and talk about the benefits of hosting a virtual party 
  3. Let them know how the party will flow and what the ordering process will look like 
  4. Start your demonstration
    • Bath & Body  
    • Lingerie 
    • Massage (foreplay) 
    • Enhancement Products and Lubricants 
    • Party Booking Activity
    • Toys 
    • Sponsoring Activity
    • Closing
      • Thank your guests and encourage them to book their own parties 
      • Share the party shopping link and digital catalog in the comments section and let them know when the party will close out 
      • Offer an incentive!
        • Examples:
          • Anyone who spends $50 or more today will receive a free gift! (free gift can be a Foil Pack) 
          • Anyone who shops tonight will receive a free gift!  
        • Be sure to utilize corporate website sales 
      • Remind them that you will be following up 
      • Let them know you’ll post a recap of everything you demoed during the party 

Prerecorded Party Flow 

For a prerecorded party, you’re going to record two different videos and upload them to YouTube. It is important to upload these videos to YouTube to cut down on upload time when you post them in the Facebook Group.

For a full demonstration of how to upload videos to YouTube, tap here.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube 

  1. Download the YouTube app and create an account 
  2. Tap the camera 🎥 icon in the top right corner 
  3. Select your video to upload 
  4. Enter title, description, and choose privacy  
  5. Tap upload in the top right corner
    • It’s going to ask about your audience, select “not for kids” or “18+”

What the Videos Will Entail 

  1. During the first video, you’ll introduce yourself, lay out the party flow for the guests, and cover TLC (toy, lubricant, and cleanser)
    • This video should be about 5 minutes long 
    • Post this video in the Facebook Group you created for the party 
  2. The second video is a product demo featuring our top ten products
    • This video should be about 15 minutes long 
    • Post this video about an hour after the first one in the Facebook Group  

After the Party 

Here are a few key steps to take once your Facebook Live/Prerecorded Party has ended:

  1. Like and respond to comments (with a 3 to 4-word response) that were put in the Facebook Live 
  2. Post a recap of what happened during the party
    • Items that you demoed 
    • Party shopping link 
    • Ways to earn tickets for the raffle 
    • Google Connection Card 
  3. Give the hostess prewritten messages she can share with guests:

Did you attend the party tonight? If not, the party is still live inside the group! If you did get to watch it, here’s my shopping link, and I appreciate you shopping the party! {insert party shopping link} 

  1. From now until the party end date, follow up with your hostess to:
    • See if she has questions and have her create her party wish list  
    • Let her know when the party shopping link will no longer be available 
  1. Once orders start coming in from the party shopping link, give a shout out to those who have placed orders.
    Pro Tip: don’t shout out what they ordered, just a quickie shoutout to make them feel special

Thanks {Name} for shopping {hostess Name}’s party! You picked some great products. Let me know when you receive your order. Would love to help if you have any questions!

    • Pull winner from raffle tickets once all ordering has finished before your hostess’ order
  1. Follow up with everyone in the event who hasn’t placed an order yet. This verbiage will help encourage more orders because you are offering a coupon code to use. Offer the coupon code SHOP10 to use with the party shopping link

Hi {Name}! One of the drawing winners from {hostess Name}’s virtual party was unable to claim her prize, so she asked me to pass it along. It’s a 10% discount on your entire order! You can shop my digital catalog here and message me when ready. This discount does expire, but you have until Friday to order! {insert digital catalog link} 

  1. Follow up with the winner of the raffle prize. Offer the coupon code SHOP10 to use with the party shopping link:

Hi {Name}! Congratulations! You won the drawing! Thanks for filling out the registration and participating in {hostess Name}’s party. Your prize is a 10% discount on your entire order! Whatcha gonna get?!! Check out the digital catalog here! {insert digital catalog link}

Just message me when you’re ready. This discount expires Friday!

Hostess Shopping 

Time for the grand finale! It’s time for your hostess to shop! Remember, she has to shop directly with you to redeem her Hostess Credit.

Here’s how you calculate Hostess Credit for virtual parties: 

  1. Go to your Online Office 
  2. Navigate to “My Business”  
  3. Navigate to “My Parties” 
  4. Scroll to the hostess’ name 
  5. Open the party 
  6. Select “Order” next to the hostess’ name 
  7. Hostess Credit will appear under “Discounts”  

In the event that her Hostess Credit does not appear there, here is an alternate method for calculating Hostess Credit: 

  1. Scroll to “Party Profit Summary” 
  2. Subtract discounts from product total to get total product value  
  3. Multiply that value by 10% to calculate her Hostess credit
    • Example:
      Product total = $500 
    • Discounts = $50 
    • $500 – $50 = $450 
    • $450 x 0.10 = $45 Hostess credit 

Once you have calculated the Hostess Credit, it’s time for her to shop!  

  1. Ask her what should she would like to use her Credit on 
  2. Add that to the Discounts and Special Offers section of her Hostess Order
  3. Once she has used all her Hostess Credit, add any additional items and provide her with the total 
  4. Collect payment 
  5. If you don’t have the products she purchased on hand, you’ll purchase them through your Online Office and ship them to her along with her Hostess Gift
    • Pro Tips: 
      • Remember to Buy Smart
      • Be sure to include a personalized thank-you card! 

Pro Tip: Your hostess is the most likely party guest to join your team. From partnering with you to plan the party, to seeing how much product you sold and what they could make if they were a Consultant working with their own hostess – the firsthand experience practically does the work for you! All you have to do is ask: ever thought about doing what I do? 


Now that you have mastered virtual party planning, check out Sponsoring.