Track Your Connections

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The Lead Connection Form is designed to track your business building connections:

  • Information about each contact
  • How often you’re communicating with each contact (once a week, month, quarter, etc.) and next steps
  • Whether your interactions have been “flirting” or “business building”

Flirting = Connecting

The objective of flirting (also referred to as “schmoozing”) is to build a relationship and connect on a more personal level. Interactions are focused on your contact and unrelated to Pure Romance.


  • Like, “react”, and comment on social posts
  • Send a message (text, DM, email, voice memo) or handwritten note to check in, say hello, wish them a happy birthday/holiday, etc.
  • Have an in-person, phone, or video conversation

Business Building = Asking

The objective of business building is to make a direct ask for business such as booking a party, buying products, sharing the opportunity, joining your VIP group, or asking for a referral. These interactions ask your contact to take a specific action related to your Business.


  • Ask if they’d like to hold a party
  • Ask if they’d like to become a Consultant
  • Ask if they’d like to purchase products
  • Ask for referrals
  • Ask to join your VIP group

If you haven’t yet developed a genuine relationship with your contact, start with flirting. Once you establish a relationship, the perfect communication approach is to strike a balance between flirting and business building. Being a constant Pure Romance commercial can be a turn off! 

Communication Method Tips

  • Most mobile phone users check their phones up to 63 times a day:
    • Text – Likely to get seen, but the average person sends and receives about 94 texts a day so they can be easily overlooked or missed.
    • DM –Easiest way to start an organic conversation: “I just saw [something they posted on social media] – how awesome!”
    • Phone – Best way to convey your enthusiasm. It can create stronger connections than text-based communications. If you get a voicemail, leave a message, and send a follow up text!
    • Email – Ideal for conveying complex or lengthy information.
  • Handwritten note or card – Great way to flirt and make your contact feel special. Use notes to set yourself apart and connect with customers in a more personal way.
  • Social Posts – Effective way to broadcast information to large groups of people at once. The key to both flirting and business building is to connect with each contact individually. Make sure to react and reply to people who comment on your post. Then follow up with a DM if applicable.

PRO TIP: If you want to kick it up a notch, use voice memos when sending a text or DM so they can hear your excitement!

People need to hear something seven times before taking action. So be consistent in connecting with leads, keep up with your contacts, stay focused on making connections, and you’ll build a network in no time!

Start using the Lead Connection Form now!