Birthday Parties

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There are two ways you can leverage birthdays to book parties:

  1. Birthday Bash – Host one large virtual party for all the ladies you know having a birthday that month. Hold a Birthday Bash in your VIP Group or create a separate Facebook event or group each month for everyone celebrating a birthday.
    • You are the hostess.
    • Invite all your customers and contacts who have a birthday that month and encourage them to invite their friends.
    • Present your regular party demo and add a birthday theme by:
      • Singing “Happy Birthday” and/or wearing a birthday hat.
      • Offering a discount or coupon code (SHOP5 or SHOP10) as a birthday present.
  2. Individual Birthday Parties – Invite connections with an upcoming birthday to host a party of their own and celebrate with their friends. Individual Birthday Parties are exactly like any other virtual or in-person Pure Romance Party. You simply give it a birthday theme.
    • The birthday girl is the hostess.
    • The birthday girl/hostess invites all her friends and encourages them to invite their friends.
    • Present your regular party demo. You may also choose to:
      • Have everyone sing “Happy Birthday” and/or wear a birthday hat.
      • Remind party guests that they can contribute to the hostess’ birthday shopping spree by placing an order and/or booking a party of their own.
      • Offer the birthday girl a discount or incentive in addition to her regular hostess credits. Examples:
        • Your buying discount on any one item
        • A free product
        • 10% off everything she didn’t earn for free

Find Your Birthday Girls

Use these two techniques to discover who’s celebrating an upcoming birthday:

  1. Ask – Ask who’s having a birthday in a specific month on your social media accounts. It’s best to post one or two days before the month starts, or the very first day of the month. Create your own graphic, use a Facebook background, or copy a birthday image from the internet.


Asking who’s having a birthday on your social accounts also makes it easy and comfortable to message everyone who comments on your post.

  1. Search Facebook – You can also look for Facebook friends with an upcoming birthday.
    • Login to Facebook and type “Birthdays” in the search bar.
    • Select the “Upcoming Birthdays Facebook Shortcut” from the dropdown menu.
    • Under “Upcoming Birthdays” you can view everyone with a birthday in a specific month.

Send Messages

Once you’ve identified who’s having a birthday, send them a message asking if they’d like to have an Individual Birthday Party, and if they aren’t ready to host their own, invite them to participate in your group Birthday Bash.

Example 1:

“Happy Birthday Month [Name]! Do you have plans yet? I’d love to spoil you with a free, personalized Ladies Night birthday party. What do you think about getting your gal pals together to laugh, shop, and celebrate your special day? Everyone will have a blast and you’ll score some EXTRA freebies for your birthday. What do you think?”

Example 2:

“Hey [Name]! I hear [Month] babies love fun and prizes so I’m hosting a Birthday Bash for everyone born this month. It’s going down on [Day, Month, Date] at [Time, Time Zone] in my exclusive Facebook [VIP Group/birthday event/birthday group]. Tap this link and post a comment before the party starts and you’ll earn extra entries for the giveaways and surprises: [insert link to Facebook group/event]. Invite your friends to join the fun, too! It’s going to be epic and I can’t wait to celebrate YOU!