Your Sponsoring Commercial

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We now interrupt your regular party programming for this Sponsoring Commercial break!

Your guests have just spent the last 20-30 minutes laughing, smelling, tasting and learning about the liquid line alone.

Get ready to channel their excitement into the possibilities that Pure Romance has made a reality for you through your Sponsoring Commercial.

Top Partner, Denise Marsh, plays the 8 Questions Sponsoring Commercial, where she passes out questions most commonly asked of Pure Romance Partners, and has the guests ask them during the activity. 

Make handing the questions out fun – the question could be on the back of a Take 5 candy bar so when you’re ready to transition you can say:  “Hey everyone, how about we Take 5?”

Check out how Denise answers the questions and turns them into planting seeds for the opportunity to join her team with the 8 Question Commercial:

Remember: a closed mouth, is a closed business. The best place to book parties and sponsor new team members is at the party where the excitement is high and they’re having fun! Playing a game is an easy way to approach talking about what you do without sounding too “sales-y”!

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