Cross Promote

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Expand your reach by promoting your group on multiple channels.

  • Add a link to join your VIP group in your email signature and any other place you share contact information.
  • Add a link to your VIP group from your main Facebook page.
  • Go to your Facebook group then highlight and copy the web address in the top browser bar. 
  • Go to your main Facebook Page then select About > Contact and Basic Info > Websites and Social Links
  • If you have not yet added any websites to your main Facebook page:
  • Select Add a website, paste the address to your VIP group in the box, and tap Save.
  • If you have already added your Pure Romance personal website to your main Facebook page:
  • Select the pencil icon ✏ to the right of your website, tap + Add a website, paste the address to your VIP group in the box and tap Save.
  • Post on your personal page (public-facing profile) an invitation to join your VIP group. Do this regularly since new people will friend and/or follow you.
  • Promote your VIP group on other social platforms, like Instagram and Twitter.
    • Include a teaser about what’s being discussed in your group. Examples:
      “This week we’re talking about how intimacy impacts overall health. Come join the discussion! [insert link to VIP group]
      “Do you know what TLC means? Spoiler alert . . . it’s not what you may you think.  Join us in the [Name of your VIP group] to join the discussion. [insert link to VIP group]