The Party Presentation

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Learn Each Step of the Party

Follow the Party Guide for everything you need to throw an amazing party experience! This is an example of a party flow that features some of Pure Romance’s top selling products and party activities. Feel free to follow it as outlined or customize the experience to what works for you and your party guests. You get to decide!

Icebreaker & Introduction


While your guests are getting seated, hand out pens and the Connection Cards and Wish Lists that came in the catalogs. 

Plan to hand out the catalogs at the very end of your presentation, as you transition into the Shopping Room. This will ensure that your guests focus on you and what you’re selling instead of the catalog and prices!

Make sure all guests have a firm surface to write on – like a coffee table or a small clipboard – and ask that they fill out the Connection Card. 

While they’re filling it out, explain the Wish List and how they can use that for any items they’re interested in or have questions about. Explain that both are their “tickets” to the Shopping Room, and you’ll go over both with them in the Shopping Room!

This guarantees you’ll receive their information and Wish Lists for easy follow up!


You’re all set up, and your guests are ready: it’s time to break the ice!

Game time! Pick your favorite icebreaker game from our list of Icebreakers. A Consultant favorite, “The Chore Game!”

Now that you and the ladies had a laugh, got to know each other, and the energy of the room is high – take control, share a bit about yourself, and give them a rundown of what to expect from your Pure Romance party!

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, introduces herself and plays her icebreaker game here: 


The room is laughing, and you smile and say… “I have to say, sometimes I can’t believe this is what I do for a living!…”


All stories consist of 4 parts:

  1. Setup: The characters are introduced, and we learn about their personalities and motivations.
  2. Conflict: Something is blocking a character from what they want.
  3. Climax: (Not that kind of climax!) In this case, the climax refers to the point where the conflict reaches the breaking point.
  4. Resolution: Once the conflict is resolved, we see how the characters have changed from their experience. 

Think of your Pure Romance journey— why you started your business, and how you got to where you are today. Which of your experiences line up with the four parts of the story? 

The key to your story is to keep it simple, relevant, and short—no more than a minute. Include why you joined Pure Romance. Your story is one of your first opportunities to break down barriers and resolve skepticism. Show your party guests you are just like them by being relatable. Get them to see you as someone who has been in their shoes. 

Example: “Now that I know a little about you, let me share a little about myself and Pure Romance. As I said, my name is _________ [first name] [last name] and I’m a _________ [student, stay-at-home mom, etc.] and I started at Pure Romance for the ____________ [reason one] and __________ [reason two].  What I also love about this business is our mission to empower, educate, and entertain in a comfortable place for women to openly discuss sexual health.”

Need some help writing your Pure Romance story for your opening speech? No problem! Just print our guide​ and use the prompts included in the document to get started.

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, wraps up her icebreaker game and flows right into her I-story: 


Your explanation might sound like this: 

“It’s simple: Pure Romance parties follow the full bedroom experience from start-to-finish!

A little bath and beauty to start your day feeling confident, throw on some lingerie to feel sexy, warm up with sensual massage and foreplay, heighten the sensations with flavored and warming lubricants, add enhancement creams that are sure to tease and please, and introduce a bedroom accessory to make your experience buzz-worthy. 

Don’t forget, keeping your products clean and promoting sexual wellness prevents future experiences from being uncomfortable.”


A shopper’s experience is always private. 

This is because the conversation becomes one-on-one between you and her.

“The shopping room is completely private boutique experience where we chat one-on-one about what you liked from tonight’s party and shop through my inventory. If you have a question about a product, mark it in on your Wish List, and we’ll talk about it on the shopping room! If you’re comfortable asking in front of your friends, by all means – we’re all women here, and I’d be happy to answer! 

For anyone who needs to leave early, let’s let them shop first!” 


Of course, you wouldn’t be at the party without your hostess! Be sure to celebrate her and make her stand out among her guests. 

“We wouldn’t be partying right now if it wasn’t for [Name of Hostess!] Not only does she receive this free gift (hand her a free gift), but she also gets 10% of the all-party orders placed tonight at the party or online with the shopping link in free product! My average hostess receives up to $100 in free product… (gesture to Hostess) – [Hostess Name] I see you writing down on your Wish List over there, we haven’t even started yet!”

Learn more about what the hostess receives here: “Hostess Incentives”

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, goes over the flow of the party, explains the shopping room, and thanks the hostess: 

REMEMBER:  You’re at a party, have fun! The rest of your “Why” is created in the mind of the guest as they imagine who you are as you stand up there confidently and knowledgeably speaking about the bedroom, all while having fun! Who doesn’t want to be that?

Ready to break the ice? Write your I-story based on the four parts mentioned above, then chat with your sponsor, team, or your Consultant Relations Department at the Corporate Office for tips or just to practice and get ready to arrive in style!

Product Presentation


Ready to get the party started?

We bet you AND your guests can’t wait!

We’re going to break the presentation into two parts: liquid products and bedroom accessories.

Make sure your Selling the Category resource is nearby so that you’re ready to follow along, because top Consultant, Denise Marsh, will be taking you through a real party presentation where you will see just how fun it is to be a Pure Romance Consultant and make money with our products!


“Let’s get started! Today I will be showing you some of the top of the line bath, beauty and bedroom accessories. Feel free to stop me with questions or comments when you have them or write them down on your Wish List!”

Hand out napkins, and let your guests know that they will be doing a lot of smelling and tasting, and they can use this at any point to wipe their hands.  

Explain that you will be using their hands to put some of the edible products and fragrances on them. Use their right hand for fragrances and their left hand for edible products. 

Explain this to your guests! “We will have edible products and non-edible products.  I will be using your Right hand for our fragrances and your Left hand for our edible products.  It’s okay to lick your licker (show left hand with L) but don’t lick your sniffer which is your right hand for our fragrances.”


Check out top Consultant, Denise Marsh, and her presentation on the bath and beauty products:

Notice how Denise doesn’t come off “sales-y”? She’s simply problem solving! With each product, she identifies a problem many women experience, and how to resolve that problem with a Pure Romance product. She explains the benefits on why her guests need these products.


Check out top Consultant, Denise Marsh, and her presentation on massage and foreplay:

It’s no secret: most women need up to 15-20 minutes of foreplay before becoming fully aroused, while for men, it can be within 1 minute!  Massage and foreplay products help to slow partners down, warm up to touch, and level the playing field for both partners.


Check out top Consultant, Denise Marsh, and her presentation on lubricants and enhancement products:



Oftentimes, women who believe they don’t need a lubricant are only producing lubrication initially and not throughout the duration of pentation. Once their natural lubrication absorbs, they risk small tears in their vaginal canal, which can lead to infection or scare tissue.

Pure Romance offers a variety of lubricants for all bedroom activities: from daily re-wetting moisturizers, to playful flavors for oral favors, or silicone for comfortable anal sex – lubricants are just like shoes: there’s a different type for every occasion!

Check out the Lubricant Fact sheet for more information on the lubricants we offer.

Enhancement products help bring sensation to the next level: whether our enhancement creams are tingling our nerves, these enhancements are just what customers need to keep desire and arousal heightened, and prepare for orgasm. 

Remember:  Your presentation goes beyond discussing the product. Make sure you’ve practiced how you will handle the products in your kit (will you take them out of the kit and put them in the order you’d like to present, or will you keep them in and pop them in and out while you present?).  You’ll also want to plan whether you’ll pass an item around and how you’ll plan to transition in-between products.

Utilize the below resources for additional product information.

<strong>BEDROOM ACCESSORIES</strong>

It’s time to show your guests what the buzz is all about!

Get your Selling the Category resource ready, because Denise is about to share how to talk about all of the bedroom accessories in the new Consultant kit, and the category bedroom accessory falls in.

Pure Romance continues to evolve their bedroom accessories and collections based on what customers want, so what’s currently offered in the collection has proved to be a popular toy or it has a new feature (technology, shape, etc.) that we’re excited to share with customers!

Remember: encourage your customer to grab up to three bedroom accessories – one for themselves, one to use with a partner, and one for just their partner! The bonus of having three bedroom accessories is variety in the bedroom. Plus, if one of your current bedroom accessories ever needs to be re-charged, or requires new batteries, you’ll have back up!


Did you know, 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which are why clitoral stimulators are some of the most popular vibrators (like a bullet!).

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, presents the clitoral bedroom accessories here:


If your customer is ready to discover their G-spot, Pure Romance has them covered! Bedroom accessories with a curved tip at the top of the shaft are designed to stimulate the G-spot area directly.

A G-spot curve can be found on a dual action vibrator or vaginal vibrator: it’s like a 2-for-1 deal!

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, presents the g-spot bedroom accessories here:


C-rings – or a constriction ring or couples ring – are perfect to slide down the shaft of a penis, bedroom accessory, or even finger to provide additional stimulation.

When using a c-ring, they are designed to restrict the blood away from an erect penis, creating a pleasurable feeling of tightness (how a partner with a vagina feels to a partner with a penis) and pressure (how a partner with a penis feels to a partner with a vagina), prolonging erection, and delaying ejaculation.

Oftentimes c-rings are constructed with a clitoral stimulator at the base for pleasure for a partner with a vagina as well!

Pro Tip: Make sure your client knows to use the recommended creamy lubricant to any c-ring for comfort during pleasure.

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, presents the c-ring bedroom accessories here:


Designed to massage the shaft of a penis, masturbation sleeves are what a partner needs to stimulate themselves, or it can absolutely be used as a couples toy as well!

Use a small amount of the recommended creamy lubricant and add it inside of the masturbation sleeve. Slide the masturbation sleeve over the shaft of a penis, or bedroom accessory, so that only the tip of the penis or bedroom accessory is exposed. You can use this for oral favors on a partner’s penis, so that the sleeve does the bulk of the work, or for vaginal or anal sex, so that insertion is only about the first 1-2 inches of the shaft, and the sleeve provides cushion for the rest. 

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, presents masturbation sleeves here:


Every product needs a little TLC: Toy Tote, Lubricant, and Cleaner (Proper Care)!

Pure Romance’s Toy Tote contains bioshield, a coating on the inside of the tote that prevents the growth of bacteria on a bedroom accessory.

With each bedroom accessory, make sure you pair the appropriate lubricant (i.e. we always encourage a creamy lubricant for couples’ toys).

And finally, Come Clean was designed to be gentle to use on bedroom accessories to clean them without breaking down the material.  A bottle of cleaner is always better than a copay at your doctor’s office!

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, covers vaginal health here:

What’s next? Give these ladies the opportunity to keep the good vibes going by booking their own party through a booking game! 

Product Resources

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Closing Speech


Your closing speech should include:

  1. Thanking your hostess
  2. Reminding the guests that their Connection Card is the ticket into the shopping room
  3. Give an overview of the private shopping room
    • 1-on-1 private shopping experience
    • Communicate that the total will include:
      • State sales tax, if applies
      • $8 convenience fee for all product in inventory at the party, and the same fee for any products not available that will need to be shipped
    • Any products you don’t have will be shipped discreetly to them within 2 weeks of the party
    • Forms of payment you accept
    • If anyone needs to leave early, invite them to shop first
  4. Share your business details and the catalog
  5. Thank the group before heading to the shopping room


“Alright, ladies, that is all I have to show you tonight! I want to thank [hostess’s name] for inviting me into her home and for such a great night with all of you!

Let’s give her a big hand for being such a fabulous hostess!​

Your Connection Card is your ticket to the shopping room, so make sure you’ve filled it out!

All orders will include sales tax and a flat $8 convenience fee for having the product here tonight, or shipping what I don’t have in inventory to you discreetly. I’ll help you with totaling your order in the shopping room!

Forms of payment that I accept are cash or major credit cards.

Hold onto my business cards if you have any questions about your purchases after receiving them, or if you forget something in the shopping room!

As a reminder, the shopping room is 1-on-1 to ensure you have a comfortable and confidential place to order and ask questions!

Are there any ladies who need to leave soon? Let’s let them shop first so they can get on their way home! “

Check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh, segues to the shopping room here:

REMEMBER: If you haven’t already, pass out the catalogs as you’re wrapping up your closing speech! Guests might delay getting to the shopping room while browsing the catalog at the end of the party, so ask your guests who’d like to shop first.  Have that guest stand to come with you, and then pass out the catalogs. That way, you’ll get started right away in the shopping room!

Shopping Room

You’re about to start the shopping room experience with your guests, but before you do, remember that this isn’t just about shopping… this is about building a relationship!

The best way to build a relationship is by asking questions and listening: let your customer do the talking!

  • Ask open ended questions to learn more about your customers
    • What did you enjoy most about tonight?
    • What questions do you have for me?
    • What do you think about what I do?
  • Ask a question to transition into talking about the shopping room
    • What can I get for you tonight?
  • Ask close-ended questions to guide them to a (purchasing) decision
    • Do you currently have a lubricant?
    • Have you ever had a toy before?
    • Do you prefer internal or external stimulation?

What’s an easy way to ask business building questions without having to remember them off the top of your head?  Print the Shopping Room Sign resource, and display it in your shopping room!

Check out how Kelly Ellis-Neal asks the questions with a guest here: 



Notice how Kelly’s attitude is completely the same with yesses and no’s? Think about it like this:  doesn’t a waiter always ask if you want dessert at the end of your meal? Do they ever show disappointment if you say no? Was it uncomfortable? Nope! Because it’s something they’ve always done! In fact, it would be strange if they didn’t ask. Think of asking those three questions in that light!

REMEMBER: whatever your customer is purchasing, is a great reason to host a party.  If she’s getting everything on her Wish List, she obviously loves the product! If she can’t afford everything on her Wish List, then she would benefit from free products!

Print it off: print off the Shopping Room Sign resource so that you have a reminder with every customer to ask them if they’d like to book, join your team, or refer a friend!

Shopping Room Scenarios

Every guest is unique, and so are their shopping room experiences! Whether you have the Coochy girl, the shy girl, or the power shopper, we’ll guide you through how top Consultants have worked with each.

Before we get there, let’s check out how top Consultant, Denise Marsh works her Shopping Room magic with her guests!


When the guest lists what she wants, Denise doesn’t just take the order and say “what else?,” she celebrates her choices, asks questions to discover what the guest is interested in, and completes a product’s experience through cross-selling.   Take for example, the Main Attraction! Denise took the order from Main Attraction to Main Attraction + Lubricant + Cleaner!

PRO TIP:  Prior to the shopping room, gather your guests’ information and input it into the Consultant Online Office, under my parties, under the party she is attending. As long as you have their first name, last name, and their email address or mobile number, you can create a contact! Use the Facebook event as a way to request their information and ask that they text you to RSVP – that way, you’ll have their number!

Oftentimes, guests have a number in their head of what they want to spend. While you want to be conscious of their budget, they are the perfect guests to ask to book a party! They likely couldn’t grab everything off of their Wish List, and a party gives them the ability to get what they want, while never having to pay full price! 

PRO TIP:  Use the Connection Card to write down any important notes from the conversation with your guest. This keeps all of their information in one spot – simple!  

Hey You! Are you noticing that Denise follows the same process with each guest? She reviews their Connection Card, confirms their details, gets their party on the calendar if they played the booking game, and works with each on cross-selling products. Consistency is key!


Get your poker face ready – this guest wants it all! While she’s quickly going through her list, don’t hesitate to pause her for the cross-sell or show her product categories (like lingerie!) that she may have missed: she’ll appreciate it! 

PRO TIP: “VIP” can be an incentive for your customers to purchase more and hit a certain amount – or threshold – that would earn them a spot in your VIP group.  What are the perks of a VIP group? You create an exclusive Facebook group for these customers where they are the first to know when new products are launched, what your open dates are for the coming months, can easily stay in touch for reorders, whether you are offering any sales, and much more. If you have foil packs, products that have retired from Pure Romance’s product line, and/or products that you purchased at a deep discount, you can create a “VIP” box.  Once the customer meets the threshold, they can pick out one item from the VIP box at the party, too!


While this guest seemed unengaged during the party, you learn that it’s because she wasn’t planning to shop.  But you didn’t let that get in your way! You did your thing, made being a Consultant look so fun and easy, that now…. she’s ready to join!

PRO TIP:  If a guest mentions any interest whatsoever, share the Opportunity Brochure with them (available in your Business Supplies on the COO), and get a call scheduled with them within the next 2 days to keep their excitement high and to answer all of their questions!


Time for the grand finale! Your hostess is coming to shop and is excited to see what her discount will be!

How to calculate hostess credit:

  • Add up all the retail sales from all guests’ orders
  • Multiply the total dollar amount of your guests orders by 10% to = your hostess credit

For Example:

  • You will let your hostess know that she had XX party sales
    • “[Hostess Name] you had a $600 party tonight! Guess what that means? You will receive $60 in free product with me and extra free gift just by having your friends over tonight.”
    • Check out the picture below for an example:

MULTIPLY $600 X .10 = $60

PRO TIP: Your hostess is the most likely to join your team at the party! From working with you 1-on-1, seeing how much money they could have made if they were the Consultant at their own party, and having a fun time – that firsthand experience does all of the work for you. All you have to do is ask: ever thought about doing what I do?

Check out the other common scenarios that Consultants have experienced in the shopping room, and how they navigated the shopping room with each!



This customer owns the common bullet (like Fan Favorite) and is ready for an upgrade!

In understanding that the bullet is used for external, clitoral stimulation, you can upgrade her to a new bedroom accessory like Opening Act or Kaia!

PRO TIP: For any guests who already own a bedroom accessory, it’s always a good idea to ask them what they like and don’t like about their current toy. Their answers will help guide you to suggestions best suited for bedroom needs. For example, maybe they currently use a c-ring, but don’t like the cord because it gets in the way: recommend Double Feature or Maya as a cordless and comfortable option!


Get ready to listen and adapt your approach – mirror this guest’s behavior, lower your tone of voice, slow down and smile big!

This conversation is about her, so let her talk.

She came into the shopping room for a reason, so use open-ended questions to find out why!


The Wants It All guest meets the opportunity!

Pump the breaks before running her credit card and recognize that this is the perfect time to share the opportunity.

Give her the option to continue shopping, but show her what she could get based on what she’s spending. If she already wants most of the products currently in the kit, make sure to call that out too!

Don’t forget to mention the sweet discount she’ll earn if she joins!


If this guest is ready to book a party, they can likely relate to the current hostess’ goal to get as much free product as possible!

After they book their party, make sure to ask: “Do you want to hook up your hostess tonight, just like your guests will on the night of your party?”


This guest is considerate of their partner, so recognize and celebrate that. Transition the conversation to their needs by asking about their Wish List and/or what they enjoy in the bedroom. 

Then ask, “May I ask, are you more worried about your budget or your partner’s concerns?”

It’s completely normal that a shopper might want to ask for their partner’s permission.  Maybe they want their partner to weigh in on the product they purchase, they’re worried their partner won’t like product in the bedroom, or they’re worried they won’t approve the total.

If they’re worried about budget, offer to book a party!

Role Play: Work with your sponsor or fellow Consultants to practice 1-on-1 shopping room scenarios.  The best way to practice how you engage with your customer is to say the words out loud!

Calculating Party Totals


Now that your guest has made their selections, it’s time to add up their order and collect payment!


  1. Add together the total cost of products.
  2. Add the cost of shipping and handling ($8) to the cost of the products—this will give you the subtotal before tax.
    • PRO-TIP: Always charge shipping and handling, even if you have the inventory on hand! As you begin to carry inventory, you can communicate that you will charge a $8 “convenience fee” for having inventory on hand for your guests to shop from at the party, otherwise you will need 14 business days to ship the product to them. That way, all guests are charged the $8.    
  3. Multiply the subtotal before tax by your state’s sales tax rate to determine the sales tax for the order.*
  4. Add the sales tax to the subtotal before tax total to get the total amount due.

*Pure Romance Corporate and Consultants charge sales tax on shipping and handling because handling is a service, which is taxable. If a Consultant lives in a state without sales taxes, they will not be charged sales taxes by Pure Romance, and should not charge sales taxes to their customers.


$50.00 Total Cost of Products
$8.00 Shipping and Handling
$58.00 Order Subtotal

$58.00 Order Subtotal
7% State Sales Tax
$4.06 Sales Tax Amount Due

$58.00 Order Subtotal
+$4.06 Sales Tax Amount Due
$62.06 Total Amount Due


Calculating the hostess order is different from a regular order because of their hostess rewards and incentives!

The hostess will receive a credit based on the total party sales – including any preorders – which is why you calculate the hostess’s order after you’ve finished calculating all of the guest orders.

Here’s how to calculate the hostess’s order:

  1. Add together the total retail cost of the products (not including shipping & handling or sales tax) from every guest order and preorder.  Multiply this number by 10%, and add the cost of the hostess gift (i.e Heart Massager). This will be the hostess credit you offer your hostess.
  2. Add together the total cost of the products for the hostess order, including the cost of the hostess gift. This will give you the subtotal (before shipping & handling and tax).
  3. Subtract the hostess credit from the subtotal.
  4. Add the cost of shipping and handling ($8) to the cost of the products for the hostess order.
  5. Multiply this total by your state’s sale tax rate to determine the sales tax for the order.
  6. Add sales tax to the total to determine how much the hostess owes.


$75.00 Hostess Product Order
– $62.00 (based on $440 Party Total ($44 credit) + $18 Heart Massager)
$13.00 (Before Shipping & Handling + Sales Tax)

$13.00 Order Subtotal
+$8.00 Shipping & Handling
$21.00 (Before Sales Tax)

$21.00 (Before Sales Tax)
X 7% State Sales Tax

$1.47 (Sales Tax)

$21.00 (Before Sales Tax)
$1.47 (Sales Tax)
$22.47 Total Amount Due


Sometimes, customers will place orders for items that you don’t have in your inventory. Those orders are considered “open” until you can place the order and deliver the product to the customer.

  1. In the shopping room, total the order and process the payment as usual.
  2. On the order form, circle any products that you don’t have in your inventory that will need to be delivered.
  3. When you get home, sign into your Online Office and place a Consultant order. Whenever possible, try to place multiple orders together (open orders and inventory restocks) to minimize shipping charges.
  4. Go through your open orders for every customer and add them to your order. Remember to restock the inventory you sold during the party as well!


When an item is temporarily out of stock at the corporate office, it is placed on backorder until the corporate office receives the item from the manufacturer. When you place a Consultant order, any backordered items will be indicated on the packing slip. When they become available, they will ship free of charge with your next regular Consultant order.

If you need the backordered items to be sent before you place your next regular order and they are showing as available on your backorder screen, you can pay a $6 charge and have them shipped immediately—or you can take advantage of free expedited shipping on all available backorders every Thursday!

If a customer orders a product that turns out to be on corporate backorder, be sure to communicate this to the customer and reassure them of their purchase: “This item is so popular, it’s actually on back order!” If you want, you can offer to substitute an item

of equal value from your inventory, or just let her know that as soon as the backordered product is available, you will be sending it to her!

Communicate openly and honestly with your customer. By keeping her up to date on the status of her order, you’ll make her feel respected and valued.

TIP: Don’t let a corporate backorder catch you by surprise! Be sure to check out all current backorders in your Consultant Online Office before your parties so you can keep your customers informed about product availability!