Digital Selling

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Digital Selling is the process of leveraging virtual channels to find, engage and connect with customers, as well as, prospective customers. The goal is to build relationships, develop trust and provide value. As a Pure Romance Partner, you have multiple ways to generate virtual sales including your Personal Website, Facebook Live, Virtual parties, posting and sending social sharables, and personal consultations through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Social Media platforms are a great way to promote your business, create a following and stay in touch with customers. Each Partner has a different level of experience and expertise when it comes to virtual marketing. Start with the basics to ensure you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Rather than trying everything at once, implement one to two ideas at a time. Use the suggestions provided or ask someone on your team to share a tip or technique that’s working for them. 

The big idea is to create a social media strategy that will increase brand recognition and engage a broad audience. When a social strategy is executed consistently, it will ultimately lead to more sales, more parties (in-home or virtual) and more people wanting to join you as a Pure Romance Partner.