Digital Selling

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Digital Selling is the process of leveraging virtual channels to find, engage and connect with customers, as well as, prospective customers. The goal is to build relationships, develop trust and provide value. As a Pure Romance Consultant, you have multiple ways to generate virtual sales including your Personal Website, Facebook Live, Virtual parties, posting and sending social sharables, and personal consultations through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Social Media platforms are a great way to promote your business, create a following and stay in touch with customers. Each Consultant has a different level of experience and expertise when it comes to virtual marketing. Start with the basics to ensure you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Rather than trying everything at once, implement 1-2 ideas at a time. Use the suggestions provided or ask someone on your team to share a tip or technique that’s working for them. 

The big idea is to create a social media strategy that will increase brand recognition and engage a broad audience. When a social strategy is executed consistently, it will ultimately lead to more sales, more parties (in-home or virtual) and more people wanting to join you as a Pure Romance Consultant.

Marketing Your Business

Can you build a business right now? And, more importantly should you? We believe the answer is an enthusiastic, “YES” when you consider your own need to fuel your income and what you’re offering to others.

Just like the saying, “The show must go on,” the same can be applied to your business. Businesses of all kinds across the globe are looking for ways to support their communities while providing a needed service safely.

When you consider the types of products you’re offering, you will find that they are as important as ever before. There’s an extremely important need to focus on maintaining a healthy relationship, connection, intimacy, self-care, mental health and more that are 100% in alignment with what we do every day.

HOW we sell is another important piece of the puzzle. Although the concerns over Covid-19 have presented a need for a shift from how you’re connecting, connection is still providing a need that is being craved across the globe. By shifting temporaily from in-home parties to digital communication methods like (Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, etc.), in-person consultations via Facetime or another conference call method and so on.

The one thing that holds true is that a gathering, even via a digital format, fuels the soul in a way that should not be overlooked. If you think about the importance of parties, gatherings, hang outs, happy hours, etc. they provide the following:

  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Self-esteem boost
  • Empathy and acceptance
  • A sense of valued self
  • Reinforced sense of identity
  • Increased perception of meaning
  • Decreased stress levels

Lead with a Powerful Message

Remember the best contact is one that happens and happens frequently, so don’t hold back because you’re seeking the perfect message or THE message that works. Lead with your heart and a desire to help. Make sure this comes out in your message and conversation.

Party or Hangout Messaging:

Ready for an escape? Let’s do a virtual Pure Romance party. All you need is a few friends and an electronic device. Yoga pants, wine, and Covid hair are welcome. Isn’t it time to take your virtual happy hour to a new level? Would you like to set a date?

If you’re going to be cooped up together – you might as well make the experience memorable and Pure Romance can help. Digital parties are popping up across the nation. Can we touch base? I think you’d love some of the new products.

Did you know that intimacy can make you feel safe and connected? No wonder we’ve seen an 88% increase in certain products. When can we connect about a virtual party or hooking you up with some of these hot sellers?

Adult conversation and some time with the girls. We can make it happen right now – digital style. Let’s get your friends together via your electronic device.

Laughing. Check. Fun. Check. Amazing products. Check. Virtual Pure Romance party. Check. Pick your date. Can we check the box on getting a date reserved? I have April 17, 18 and 25 open. Check?

Take Your Virtual Happy Hour to a New Level!

Build Your VIP Group:

Check on your friends. Between quarantines, home schooling, and everything being cancelled she might not be OK. Help her by inviting her to join my VIP group where the discussion will lift her up, let her laugh, and give some much needed relief from the news.

Invite Somebody Back to the Business:

“I wanted to connect and see how you and your family are doing. This is such an unsettling time and I’m seeing members of our community come together for support or to find a reason to laugh for moment together. I wanted to extend that option to you.

With so many layoffs occurring and an uncertain future even those who were not active are resurfacing. If you need a way to make some money we have a low cost option to restart your business. You’d get full access and can sell online to make what you need.

This situation has left me wondering how I can help and that’s why I’m reaching out. Whether it’s connected to the business or not, know I’m here for you. “

Just like there is no “normal” with intimacy – the same holds true for individual reactions to the current state of our country. As I do my own soul searching, I find I must come from a place of no judgement. I cannot decide for others what they want (or not), what’s right or wrong for them. I try to serve in everything that I offer. To stay true to what we do which is empower, educate and entertain. I hope by reaching out, others will understand that it’s with a strong desire to help.

Most of what I’m hearing is that people are thankful for a break from the anxiety, uncertainty and stress of their current situation. There is enough of a positive response that shows me maintaining a healthy relationship is more important than ever before.

Follow Up Frequency

Life is all about follow-up. Especially when it comes to social selling.

It’s easy to focus on the initial contact. You reach out to someone and then feel good about yourself. You’ve done your job, you’ve made a pitch and reached out. You’ve asked for a party/order/connection, etc. Now all you have to do is sit around and wait for them to respond.

Not so fast! The first contact is only the beginning—you must develop a follow-up hustle.

We get it. You don’t want to be a pain in the you know what. We all want to avoid being annoying at the risk of getting rejected. The key is to keep it short and sweet yet remain persistent.

Most people will contact someone once, and then wait around for that person to get back to them. That’s the completely wrong approach.

Here’s a simple philosophy that may help: follow up as many times as necessary until you get a response. Don’t worry about what the response is as long as you get one. It is another example of how committing to the process and detaching from the outcome works. If someone tells you they need another 14 days to get back to you, put that in your calendar and try them again in 14 days.

If they tell you they are busy and they don’t have time right now, respond and ask them when they feel like a good time would be for you to connect with them. The key here is to actually keep following up. If someone tells you they are not interested—then leave them alone.

But here is the kicker—if they don’t respond at all, you should keep connecting with them until they do. And trust us, they always do!

Many Consultants find that sales are made on the 7th – 10th contact. So, how often should you space out attempts to connect?

Here’s a general guideline for timing your follow-ups:

  • Day 1: First follow-up (+2 days)
  • Day 3: Follow-up (+4 days)
  • Day 7: Follow-up (+7 days)
  • Day 14: Follow-up (+14 days)
  • Day 28: Follow-up (+30 days)
  • Day 58: Follow-up (+30 days)
  • … (from there on once a month).

As you’re accelerating your business you can easily keep a lead list on a sheet of paper to keep track of your next contact. Or you can create a Connection Card for their leads and move them from folder to folder to keep track of the next contact.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy system to keep you on track. Just visit your leads regularly and reach out.