Marketing Your Business

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You’ve focused on marketing your business in person or on the phone by using your Pure Romance commercial.

You dipped your toes into the marketing world and learned how to Spread the Word on Social Media.

Let’s dive into more marketing tips so you can make a splash with your business!


  1. Appearance:
    You have 7 seconds to make a first impression, so let’s talk about 7 areas you where you can blow them away once you arrive!
    • Clothing – grab your blazer and nice slacks, a knee-length skirt and blouse, or a knee-length dress. Throw on some flats or heels, and get ready to party!  No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes, please.
    • Hygiene – Before your party hop in the shower and then spray yourself with Kiss or Truly Sexy Flirt to get the guests asking more!
    • Makeup – a soft glow is all you need. There will be plenty of laughs to keep those cheeks red!
    • Name Badge – the professional cherry on top of your look, plus your guests can use your name in conversation, too.
    • Smile – the best accessory.
    • Attitude – excited, energetic, while being cool and collected.
    • Posture – humans unconsciously mimic body language. If you’re standing up straight and attentive, your guests will be too!

  2. Planting seeds:
    A quick one-liner can plant a seed that will grow into a party or a new team member!
    • (Room bursts out in laughter): “I can’t believe this is my job!”
    • (After a guest shows interest in a higher-priced toy): “Book a party, and you won’t have to pay full price!”
    • (Showing your hostess what she could make in the shopping room): “If you were a Consultant at your own party tonight, you would have made ____!”


  1. Use buzz words or phrases:
    Start a conversation by giving her a sincere compliment: “Your dress is lovely! Can you tell me where you bought it? That would be perfect for my party tonight.”
    • “I own my own business.”
    • “I love being able to work from home.”
    • “I am a (ROLE AT JOB) by day, but I’m most excited by my new business.”

  2. Speak professionally about what you do
    • What to say:
      • Relationship enhancement products
      • Free shopping spree
      • In-home parties for adult women
      • Fun ladies’ night in
    • What not to say:
      • I sell sex toys!
      • I’m the dildo lady!
      • I give 10% of total party sales in free products…


  1. Best online business practices
    1. Professional email address ([email protected])
    2. Tasteful profile picture, or headshot
    3. Keep social posts fun, inspirational, and professional
      • Yes: Photos of team meetings, recognition, and Pure Romance events
      • Yes: Trickle in personal family photos and hobbies
      • No: “HELP! Book a party with me so I can stay active!”
    4. Avoid political, religious, and current event posts (including comments)
      • Yes: Share/Repost Corporate ads and posts
      • No: “OMG – I would never vote for _________! They are crazy!”
  2. Follow Facebook rules
    • You’re a friendly gal but avoid friending multiple people at once! You’ll get thrown in “Facebook jail,” where you won’t be able to add friends for an extended period of time.
    • No explicit content, including images of any phallic-shaped bedroom accessories, can be posted to your page.
    • Beware of the unfollow button! If your business posts are too long or too frequent, a friend can easily select the “Unfollow” button on your page.
  3. Gain viewers (and potential customers!)
    By posting intentional engagement posts on Facebook, where friends can reply and engage in the comments, you boost your Facebook algorithms!

    Algo-what? Algorithms! Those little equations set up your Facebook page to be visible to those people who engage with your posts. This means more people will see your Pure Romance business posts!

    A good rule of thumb is 1 business post to every 5 personal posts.

    Try these!

    (Include an image of Body Boost) “Game time! In my cheerleader voice, “When I say Body, you say Boost!” Comment “Body” and be the last person to comment before I say “Boost” to win a BIG discount! Comment as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning!”

    (include an image of you in a couple of Professionista outfits) “Heading to a party! Which outfit should I wear?”

    include an image that talks about personality types – for example, what the type of coffee you drink says about you) “I’m the French vanilla latte, but I think I have a bit of espresso in there too! What are you?”

REMEMBER: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! The Pure Romance Media Center has images for texting or social media that will establish a professional look for your business. Also create your own Pure Romance logo.  The Logo Generator is located on your Online Office > My Business > Logo Generator. Check out this video to learn how!

GET SOCIAL: Post one of the algorithm examples on Facebook. After 4 more non-business posts, share something about Pure Romance.  You may notice a spike in your engagement!