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12 Methods of Training
20-Sided Dice Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games4528109/08/2021
20-Sided Dice Booking Commercial - Spanish, Commercials & Games, Spanish4535209/08/2021
40 Guests in 4 Minutes
40 Guests in 4 Minutes - Spanish, Spanish1316110/11/2021
8 Questions Sponsoring Commercial & Games1267509/27/2021
8 Questions Sponsoring Commercial - Spanish & Games, Spanish1267709/27/2021
90 Day Challenge Form Tools, General, Other2401801/12/2021
90 Day Challenge Form - Spanish Tools, Other, Spanish2469801/12/2021
90-Day Check In
90-Day Check In - Spanish
Action Steps Handout
Advanced Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4594811/23/2021
Advanced Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4596711/23/2021
Advanced Partner Certificate Tools, Leadership4594011/23/2021
Advanced Partner Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4595911/23/2021
Allergen Chart - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4530708/26/2021
Anniversary - Example Script
Ask Every Hostess - Practice Scripts
Associate Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4594411/23/2021
Associate Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4596311/23/2021
Bachelorette Trivia Game & Games, Sell1305901/15/2020
Bingo & Games, Sell1718410/12/2021
Bingo - Spanish & Games, Sell4560210/12/2021
Birthday Month - Example Script
Board of Directors Tracker - CAN/AU/NZ
Board of Directors Tracker - US
Booking CertificateBook, Commercials & Games4528208/26/2021
Booking Certificate - Spanish, Business Tools, Commercials & Games, Spanish4534709/07/2021
Breakout Room At Zoom
Breakout Room At Zoom - Spanish, Spanish2052504/29/2020
Bucket List Handout
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Achievement - Spanish, Spanish1565811/23/2021
Certificate of Analysis - CofA - Broad Spectrum CBD
Certificate of Analysis - CofA - CBD Isolate
Choose Your Word Booking CommercialBook, Commercials & Games4528608/26/2021
Connection Card - Editable Tools1391909/14/2021
Connection Card - Spanish Tools, Spanish3431809/14/2021
Consultant Level Advancement Trackers Tools1486311/21/2020
Consultant Questionnaire
Consultant Tombola Ticket Template - Editable
Create Your Own Zoom Backgrounds
Creating a Facebook Client Group - Guide
Creating Your Own Social Media Assets Tools1994409/18/2020
Creating Your Own Social Media Assets - Spanish
Cue Cards - Bath & Body, Product1294404/08/2020
Cue Cards - Foreplay, Product1294904/08/2020
Cue Cards - Intimacy, Product1295104/08/2020
Deal or No Deal & Games1312912/16/2019
Design Your Life Questionnaire
Design Your Life Questionnaire - Spanish, Spanish1316811/09/2020
Design Your Why Savings Breakdown - Spanish Tools, General, Other, Spanish3203705/12/2021
Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4594611/23/2021
Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4596511/23/2021
Dirty Little Secret Game & Games1313112/16/2019
DISC: Quick Reference
Dream Profile
Enhancement Comparison Chart - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4530208/26/2021
Enhancement Comparison Chart - 2021 Spanish Tools, Information, Product, Spanish4530408/26/2021
Envelope Booking Commercial & Games1267901/22/2021
Envelope Booking Commercial - Spanish Tools, Commercials & Games, Spanish3462501/11/2021
EOO - Editable Invitation, Share917012/06/2019
EOO - Editable Program, Share916812/06/2019
EOO - Sign Up List, Share917212/06/2019
EOO Kit Price Asset - Editable
Executive Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4595311/23/2021
Executive Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4597411/23/2021
Facebook 101 - Business Page Checklist Media
Facebook 101 - Personal Page Checklist Media
Facebook Pre-recorded Virtual Party Recipe
Family Expansion Override Allowance
Fantasy Vacation Game & Games1313312/16/2019
FAQ - Brain Health BoostInformation, Product4525908/24/2021
FAQ - Brain Health Boost - SpanishInformation, Product4526108/24/2021
FAQ - Testosterone BoostInformation, Product4526008/24/2021
FAQ - Testosterone Boost - SpanishInformation, Product4525808/24/2021
First Website Order Follow Up
Flyer - Chafe Escape, Information, Product2264906/29/2021
Flyer - Chafe Escape - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish2281306/29/2021
Flyer - Cleanse With Benefits - AU NZ, Information, Product3397406/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Cleanse With Benefits - CAN, Information, Product3397306/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Cleanse With Benefits - US, Information, Product3397206/29/2021US
Flyer - Cleanse With Benefits - US Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3397606/29/2021US
Flyer - Dirty French Bath Line - AU NZ, Information, Product3364106/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Dirty French Bath Line - CAN, Information, Product3059906/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Dirty French Bath Line - US, Information, Product3059706/29/2021US
Flyer - Dirty French Bath Line - US PR - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3060106/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - ExciteMint - AU NZ, Information, Product3398206/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - ExciteMint - CAN, Information, Product3398106/29/2021CAN
Flyer - ExciteMint - US, Information, Product3398006/29/2021US
Flyer - ExciteMint - US Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3398306/29/2021US
Flyer - External Motor - AU NZ, Information, Product3961006/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - External Motor - CAN, Information, Product3960806/29/2021CAN
Flyer - External Motor - US PR, Information, Product3960406/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - External Motor - US PR Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3960606/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Fan Favorite - AU/NZ, Information, Product2399206/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Fan Favorite - CAN, Information, Product2398806/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Fan Favorite - PR, Information, Product2399006/29/2021Puerto Rico
Flyer - Fan Favorite - US, Information, Product2398606/29/2021US
Flyer - HēLi Brain Health Boost & Testosterone Boost - USFlyer, Information, Product4518808/10/2021
Flyer - HēLi Brain Health Boost & Testosterone Boost - US SpanishFlyer, Information, Product, Spanish4518708/10/2021
Flyer - HeLi Lavender & Chamomile Flyer - CAN, Information, Product2508206/29/2021CAN
Flyer - HeLi Lavender & Chamomile Flyer - PR, Information, Product, Spanish2508006/29/2021Puerto Rico
Flyer - HeLi Lavender & Chamomile Flyer - US, Information, Product2474006/29/2021US
Flyer - HēLi Muscle Rub - US, Information, Product3398806/29/2021US
Flyer - HēLi Muscle Rub - US Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3409206/29/2021US
Flyer - HēLi Stretch Mark Minimizing Oil - US, Information, Product2848606/29/2021US
Flyer - Miracle Oil - PDF, Information, Product2693906/29/2021
Flyer - Miracle Oil - Shareable Image, Information, Product2694106/29/2021
Flyer - Now & Zen - AU/NZ, Information, Product2311206/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Now & Zen - CAN, Information, Product2311106/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Now & Zen - Spanish - PR, Information, Product, Spanish2310906/29/2021Puerto Rico
Flyer - Now & Zen - US, Information, Product2310706/29/2021US
Flyer - Oak & Amber Bathline - AU NZ, Information, Product3854606/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Oak & Amber Bathline - CAN, Information, Product3854506/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Oak & Amber Bathline - US PR, Information, Product3854306/29/2021US
Flyer - Oak & Amber Bathline - US PR Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3854706/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Perfect Match - AU/NZ, Information, Product2568906/29/2021
Flyer - Perfect Match - CAN, Information, Product2568506/29/2021
Flyer - Perfect Match - PR, Information, Product, Spanish2568706/29/2021
Flyer - Perfect Match - US, Information, Product2568306/29/2021
Flyer - Pink Prosecco Bath Line - AU NZ, Information, Product3399206/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Pink Prosecco Bath Line - CAN, Information, Product3399006/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Pink Prosecco Bath Line - US, Information, Product3398906/29/2021US
Flyer - Pink Prosecco Bath Line - US Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3409506/29/2021US
Flyer - Rapid Rewind - AU NZ, Information, Product2774306/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Rapid Rewind - CAN, Information, Product2774106/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Rapid Rewind - US PR, Information, Product2773906/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Rapid Rewind - US PR - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish2774706/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Rev - AU NZ, Information, Product3553706/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Rev - CAN, Information, Product3553506/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Rev - US, Information, Product3553306/29/2021US
Flyer - Rev - US PR Spanish, Information, Product3564606/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Sealed with a Kiss - US, Information, Product2608806/29/2021US
Flyer - Skinny Dip - CAN, Information, Product3062706/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Skinny Dip - US, Information, Product3062506/29/2021US
Flyer - Skinny Dip - US - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3062906/29/2021US
Flyer - Sweet Fantasie - AU NZ, Information, Product3553106/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Sweet Fantasie - CAN, Information, Product3552906/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Sweet Fantasie - US, Information, Product3552706/29/2021US
Flyer - Titan Clean - AU NZ, Information, Product3928806/28/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Titan Clean - CAN, Information, Product3928706/28/2021CAN
Flyer - Titan Clean - US, Information, Product3928506/28/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Titan Clean - US PR Spanish Rico, US
Flyer - Twilight Mood, Information, Product1225606/29/2021
Flyer - Twilight Mood - Illustration, Information, Product2264706/29/2021
Flyer - Twilight Mood - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3771102/03/2021
Flyer - Uncharted Pleasure - AU NZ, Information, Product3017106/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Uncharted Pleasure - CAN, Information, Product3016906/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Uncharted Pleasure - US, Information, Product3016006/29/2021US
Flyer - Uncharted Pleasure - US PR - Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3017306/29/2021Puerto Rico, US
Flyer - Unraveled - AU NZ, Information, Product2817406/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer - Unraveled - CAN, Information, Product2817206/29/2021CAN
Flyer - Unraveled - US, Information, Product2817006/29/2021US
Flyer - Vibrating Sleeve Massager - US, Information, Product3197206/29/2021US
Flyer - Vibrating Sleeve Massager - US Spanish, Information, Product, Spanish3200206/29/2021US
Flyer – HeLi Lavender & Chamomile Flyer – AU NZ, Information, Product2700706/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer – Miracle Oil Spanish – PDF, Information, Product, Spanish2695406/29/2021
Flyer – Miracle Oil Spanish – Shareable Image, Information, Product, Spanish2695506/29/2021
Flyer – Sealed with a Kiss – AU/NZ, Information, Product2627906/29/2021AU, NZ
Flyer – Sealed with a Kiss – CAN, Information, Product2627706/29/2021CAN
Flyer – Sealed with a Kiss – PR, Information, Product, Spanish2628306/29/2021Puerto Rico
Foil Pack Survey - Handout
Follow Up
Follow Up with First Website Orders - Spanish, Spanish3533801/13/2021
Fragrance Full Guide
Fragrance Guide - Abridged, Product, Sell1803410/07/2021Fragrance Guide
Fragrance Guide Abridged - Spanish, Product, Sell, Spanish2587610/07/2021Fragrance Guide
Fragrance Guide Full - Spanish, Spanish2588105/12/2021Fragrance, Fragrance Guide
Garage Sale Game & Games1313512/16/2019
Glossary of Sexual Health Terms, Information, Sexual Wellness3899403/16/2021
Go for the no
Go for the no - Spanish, Spanish3807902/16/2021
Goal Digger Worksheet
Goal Setting Form
Gold Certificate
GROW Coaching Checklist
Grower's License - CBD Isolate
Guest Tombola Ticket Template - Editable
Guía para la Fiesta, Spanish3462905/21/2021Party Guide
Handler's Certificate - CBD Isolate
Handler's License - Broad Spectrum CBD
Heraldry Symbols Handout
Hostess Brochure, Flyer, Marketing1272106/29/2021
Hostess Brochure - Spanish
Hostess Four Play & Games1278712/16/2019
Hostess Letter Started
Hostess Party Prep Form
Hostess Scavenger Hunt & Games1275212/16/2019
Hostess Tournament
Household Chore Game & Games1313712/16/2019
How to Conduct a Tombola
How to Confirm Connection Calls at the End of Your Party
How to create a Google Survey
How to create a Google Survey - Spanish, Spanish1622703/31/2020
How To Create A Shop With Me ID Media
How to do a Zoom Party Focus1630903/23/2020
How To Go Live On Facebook - Mobile Asset - US Media, US
How To Go Live On Facebook - Spanish Mobile Asset - PR Rico, Social Media
How to Schedule a Zoom Party
How to Set Up Connection Calls at the Beginning of Your Party
How to Share Your Zoom Link
How To Use Zoom On Your Computer
How To Use Zoom On Your Computer - Spanish, Spanish1620107/24/2020
How To Use Zoom On Your Phone
How To Use Zoom On Your Phone - Spanish, Spanish1619907/24/2020
In-Home Party Hygiene for Hostess, Sell2339706/15/2020
In-home Party Hygiene Practices for Hostess - Spanish, Sell, Spanish2344906/15/2020
In-Home Party Hygiene Tips, Sell2339906/15/2020
In-Home Party Hygiene Tips - Spanish, Sell, Spanish2344306/15/2020
IU and Pure Romance Training - FAQ Wellness1641603/23/2020
Lead Connection Form
Lead Connection Form - Spanish Tools, Spanish4458506/29/2021Lead, Prospectos
Leave of Absence Form Tools1406501/16/2020
Lei Booking Commercial & Games1314312/16/2019
Let's Talk Turkey Sensuality Quiz
Level Advancement Certificates
Level Advancement Certificates - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish1564711/23/2021
Life By Design Magazine - Fall 2020, Information, Other2833509/18/2020
Life By Design Magazine - Summer 2020, Information, Other2500209/17/2020
Life By Design Magazine - Winter 2020
Lingerie Size Chart - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4531308/26/2021
Logo Generator Instructions Tools, General, Marketing, Other3437101/06/2021
Logo Generator Instructions - Spanish Tools, General, Marketing, Spanish3779802/05/2021
Lubricant Comparison Chart - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4530909/23/2021
Lubricant Comparison Chart - 2021 Spanish Tools, Information, Product4531109/23/2021
Mani or Mixer & Games, Sell2268008/14/2020
Marketing Your Business
New Team Member Onboarding Checklist
New Team Member Onboarding Checklist - Spanish
Next Steps Worksheet
Next Steps Worksheet - Spanish
Now or Later Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games4532708/30/2021
Now or Later Customizable Offers, Commercials & Games4532508/30/2021
One-On-One Meeting Agenda Tools729103/23/2020Trainer
One-On-One Meeting Agenda - Spanish
One-on-One Worksheet Started
One-On-One worksheet - Spanish
Open Date Calendar, General, Other295501/21/2021
Open Date Calendar - Spanish
Open House Party Tips, Business Tools1487503/27/2020
Opportunity Brochure, Marketing, Share1271906/29/2021
Opportunity Brochure - Spanish
Opportunity Event - Invite, Share675412/06/2019
Opportunity Event - Invite & Program, Share675612/06/2019
Partner Pack Comparison Chart - AU NZ Tools4548311/03/2021
Partner Pack Comparison Chart - CAN Tools4545611/03/2021
Partner Pack Comparison Chart - US PR Tools4543111/03/2021
Partner Pack Comparison Chart - US PR Spanish Tools4545811/03/2021
Party Booking Verbiage
Party Guide
Party Kickoff Form
Party Planning Checklist, General1269412/16/2019
Party Prep Checklist
Party Prep Checklist, General, Sell1269202/24/2020
Party Shadow Sheet
Party Wish List - Spanish Tools, Spanish4534409/07/2021
Party Wishlist Started
Pass or Play - Spanish & Games, Spanish3070611/02/2020
Pass or Play Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games1404610/26/2020
Perfume Testing Strips
Pick A Card Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games4532008/27/2021
Pick a Party Menu
Pick a Party Menu - Spanish
Pick Your Party Menu - Steps Focus1519103/03/2020
Pink & White Certificate
Pink Certificate
President's Club Tracker - CAN/AU/NZ tracker, POP, position of prestige
President's Club Tracker - US tracker
Price Increase - AU - 04/01/2020
Price Increase - CAN - 01/03/2020
Price Increase - US PR - 01/03/2020 Rico, US
Printable Valentine - Version 1 Tools, General3759102/01/2021
Printable Valentine - Version 2 Tools, General3759302/01/2021
Prize Wheel
Product Makeover Flyer - PR - Spanish, Product, Spanish1548803/17/2020Puerto Rico
Product Tester Details Focus1518903/13/2020
Promo Codes
Promo Codes - Spanish, Spanish3534001/15/2021
Proper Care
Pure Romance Ballots
Pure Romance Web Task Listing 1/24/2020
R.O.M.A.N.C.E - Acronym Handout
Reason for Contact - Example Script
Roadmap to Success - All 5 Days
Rookie of the Year Tracker
Selling Guide - Capri Dream Focus1634003/23/2020
Selling Guide - Kick Start Focus1631303/23/2020
Selling Guide - Product 101: New to Toys Focus1631103/23/2020
Selling Guide - Sales & Coupons Focus1685803/29/2020
Selling to the Category
Senior Board of Director Tracker - CAN/AU/NZ, POP, position of prestige
Senior Board of Directors Tracker - US
Senior Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4594911/23/2021
Senior Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4597011/23/2021
Senior Executive Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4595511/23/2021
Senior Executive Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4597711/23/2021
Senior National Director Certificate Tools, Leadership4595111/23/2021
Senior National Director Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4597211/23/2021
Senior Partner Certificate Tools, Leadership4594211/23/2021
Senior Partner Certificate - Spanish Tools, Leadership, Spanish4596111/23/2021
Set Up Your Zoom Account
Sexual Wellness & Disability 101, Information, Sexual Wellness3904403/19/2021
Sexual Wellness Trivia & Games, Sell674801/15/2020
Ship Product From Your Home
Ship product from your home - Spanish, Spanish1671903/26/2020
Shipping & Handling Chart - AU Tools, General, Information2909909/30/2020AU
Shipping & Handling Chart - CAN Tools, General, Information2853309/23/2020CAN
Shipping & Handling Chart - NZ Tools, General, Information2910209/30/2020NZ
Shipping & Handling Chart - October 2020 - US Tools, General, Information2894510/01/2020US
Shipping & Handling Chart - October 2020 - US - Spanish Tools, General, Information, Spanish2904010/01/2020US
Shop Till You Drop
Shopping Room Sign
Shopping Room Sign - Spanish
Silicone Information for Toys, Product1791804/01/2020
Social Distancing Beads Instructions & Games, Sell2333906/15/2020
Social Distancing Beads Instructions - Spanish & Games, Sell, Spanish2339206/15/2020
Social Media - Do's & Don'ts
Sound Bites Conversation Guide
Spin to Win Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games4533809/03/2021
Sponsoring Best Practices
Steps to Go Live on Facebook Media
Steps to Purchase a Partner Pack Tools, Share4030510/01/2021Steps to become a Consultant, US
Steps to Purchase a Partner Pack - Spanish Tools, Share, Spanish4031710/01/2021PR, Steps to become a Consultant, US
Subscribe for Deals - FAQ Customer4584110/27/2021
Subscribe for Deals - FAQ Customer Spanish4584210/27/2021
Subscribe for Deals - FAQ Partner
Subscribe for Deals - FAQ Partner Spanish
Task Tracker
The Client Experience
Three for Me Booking Commercial, Commercials & Games4537709/14/2021
Three for Me Coupon, Commercials & Games4537509/14/2021
Time Mapping Worksheet
Time Mapping Worksheet - Spanish
Tombola Assignments and Responsibilities Template
Tombola Consultant Ticket Template
Tombola Guest Ticket Template
Tombola Timeline Checklist
Toy Comparison Chart - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4530008/26/2021
Toy Trivia Quiz & Games977501/15/2020
Track Your Connection Form
Trainer Coaching Guide
Trainer Coaching Guide - Spanish
Turkey Trot Letter
USB Charging Times - 2021 Tools, Information, Product4531508/26/2021
USPS Priority Mail Retail and Commercial Rates
Vendor Event Checklist
Virtual Party Coaching To Do - Checklist Tools, General, Sell3571701/18/2021
Virtual Party Flow
Virtual Party Flow - Spanish, Spanish1606403/25/2020
Virtual Party Steps
Virtual Party Steps - Spanish, Spanish1664605/12/2021
Virtual Shopping Room Connection Call – Booking
Virtual Shopping Room Connection Call – Sponsoring
Vision Brainstorming Worksheet
Vision Brainstorming Worksheet - Spanish
Weekly Activity Tracker
Weekly Activity Tracker - Spanish
Weekly Connection Recap Tools2033604/27/2020
What If
Who Do You Know List, Other295309/15/2021
Who Do You Know List - Spanish
Who's Missing Out
Your Guide to Virtual Parties Focus1356101/15/2020
Your Pure Romance I Story
Zoom Virtual Backgrounds - Computer