Anal Douche

Anal Douche


Prepare for pleasure with the Anal Douche, our cleansing system designed with a removable ridged attachment. Use the nozzle alone or with the ridged attachment for different sensations. As with any anal product, add a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure prior to use for optimal comfort.

features & BENEFITS

  • Made with easy-to-clean PVC and ABC plastic
  • Recommended for use with Pure Pleasure for comfort
  • Nozzle – Insertable length: 3 in./7.5 cm, insertable girth: 1.75 in./4.5 cm
  • Nozzle Attachment – Insertable length: 4.25 in./10.5 cm, insertable girth: 2.75 in./7 cm
  • Bulb Capacity: 7.5 FL.OZ./224 ml

No common allergens.

Always have customers with unique sensitivities check the contents before using.

  • Anal Douche
  • Detachable Ribbed Nozzle

To use, compress the bulb and dip the nozzle into warm water, slowly relaxing the pressure to allow it to fill. Insert the bulb’s nozzle into the ridged attachment and then apply a silicone-based lubricant, like Pure Pleasure, to the attachment for ease of insertion. Once inserted, gently squeeze the bulb to spray. After use, detach all parts and pieces, cleansing thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Position bulb and ridged attachment downwards to dry.

If you’re having anal sex, there will come a time when you want to make sure you’re even cleaner than normal. Anal douches like this one give you or your partner the confidence to fulfill every fantasy. The Anal Douche is easy to use and doesn’t require anything else except lube and water. It works like a large eyedropper, so you fill the douche with warm water, lube up the nozzle, insert and slowly squeeze to transfer the water in. Then, you release over the toilet. It’s great to use right before intimate time, or you can do it an advance and follow it up with a steamy shower with your partner. And, there’s even this small ribbed attachment you can add to the nozzle for an added dimension of enjoyment and pleasure.