Tight Call

Tight Call


Get up close and personal with pleasure. Tight Call is a one-of-a-kind toy designed to thrill your senses with powerful but quiet vibrations. Move this toy in teasing caresses or hold it tight against the clitoris for sensation that will lead you closer and closer to ecstasy.

Enjoy the Silence

Featuring exclusive floating motors. This patented technology puts ultra-penetrating but quiet vibration where you desire it most. Every uninhibited pulse and vibration travels through the body—yours, not the toy’s—for deeper, more powerful sensation.

Features & Benefits

  • 5 vibrating speeds and 7 pulsing patterns
  • Tease the clitoris any way you wish
  • Features a quiet but powerful floating motor that tantalizes your most sensitive spot
  • Rechargeable design—compatible with replacement charger PureCharge USB Cord – C
  • Bath-friendly—toy can be submerged up to 1 meter/3.28 feet for up to 30 minutes
  • Run time: 40 minutes (high) to 2 hours (low), charge time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Length: 5 in./12.5 cm; width: 2 in./5 cm

Clitoral Vibrator with Floating Motor

No common allergens.

Always have customers with unique sensitivities check the contents before using.

This product arrives partially charged. Before use, charge completely. To charge product, use USB power cord provided and insert charging pin into the circular indentation above the power button. Light will illuminate and flash while product is charging. When product is fully charged, light will stop flashing and remain illuminated. To turn on, hold button for 3 seconds. To cycle through speeds and pulsing patterns, push button. To turn off, hold button for 3 seconds. Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.

Craving something different and exciting? Meet our floating motor vibrator line, premiere toys with designs that set them apart. What’s a floating motor? In a few words, something you’ve never experienced until now. So, let’s break it down. Each of our vibrators with this exclusive, patented technology features one or two motors suspended outside the main body of the toy. Because the motors “float,” none of the vibration is lost in the toy itself. If you’ve had toys that feel really buzzy, you know what I mean. You turn it on and, because the motor’s embedded in the toy, it’s loud and the vibration feels like it’s all over. Sometimes that’s what you want, and you don’t care about volume. Other times, you want everything concentrated in one or two spots meaning more powerful, targeted vibration that’s on the quieter side. That’s why we designed the collection I’m about to introduce you to.

[show toy]

 Want to get up close and personal with pleasure? Our Tight Call clitoral vibrator does just that. If you didn’t already know, the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis so all the more reason to show it some love. And if you’ve never had a clitoral vibe, go ahead and put Tight Call at the top of your wish list. Here’s why:

[turn toy on and pass toy to a guest or indicate with your sample]

Even on just the first level, you can feel how powerful the vibrations are. That’s because we gave Tight Call the largest motor of all the toys in our floating motor line. Move it against the clitoris in teasing caresses, hold it tight against you—no matter how you like to play this is the toy that’s going to get you there. I’ll share a little insider secret here too, if you want an even more concentrated point of vibration, the very tip has a strong connection point to the motor, so it feels great. You’re going to love using Tight Call and so will your partner; try it on their sensitive spots or, if you’re feeling bold use it on yourself and give them a little show.



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As with anything coming into contact with your body, you should take your time and get familiar with the labels of your intimate products.