Reveal your pleasures day or night with Exposed, a firm yet flexible clitoral vibrator with dual ends that hold position once you pose them. Move the ends closer together for tantalizing pressure or pose them farther apart to tease multiple spots all at once. Dual motors vibrate in 10 speeds and pulsing patterns for breathtaking ecstasy no matter what shape your desires take. 

Features & Benefits

  • Dual motors, one in each end, to tease your sweet spots
  • Each motor has 3 vibrating speeds and 7 pulsing patterns
  • The ends can be bent approximately 40 degrees for the perfect position
  • Easy to use with one button that controls both motors together
  • Rechargeable design—compatible with replacement charger PureCharge USB Cord – E
  • Bath-friendly—toy can be submerged up to 1 meter/3.28 feet for up to 30 minutes
  • Run time: 45 minutes (high) to 90 minutes (low), charge time: 80 minutes
  • Length: 4.5 in./11.5 cm. Width: 2.25 in./5.5 cm.

No common allergens. 

Always have customer with sensitivities check the contents before using. 

  • Exposed Vibrator
  • USB Charger Cord

This product may arrive partially charged. Before use, charge completely. To charge product, use USB power cord provided and insert charging pin into the circular indentation on the side of the product above the DC marking. Light illuminates and flashes during charging. When product is fully charged, light stops flashing and remains illuminated.

To turn on, hold button for 3 seconds. To cycle through vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns, push button. To turn off, hold button for 3 seconds.

Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.

What’s up next is just what you need to reveal your desires.
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Exposed is a clitoral toy that teases the clitoris and surrounding sensitive spots. With posable parts and a versatile design, it’s the best way to add a little buzz to the bedroom whether you’re going solo or playing with a partner.

For starters, Exposed vibrates with different speeds and it has just one button so switching functions and turning it on or off is so easy.
[turn toy on and pass to a guest]
Feel how powerful that is! And as you’re looking at the toy, you’ll notice the texture. That adds a little something extra when the toy touches your skin.

That’s not even the best part! Exposed is also posable. The ends bend forward or backward, about 40 degrees. That means you can move the toy however you like and it’ll hold that position. You can move the ends out in opposite directions or pose them both forward or back to help either fit into the curve of your hand—the latter type of pose is great if want to hold the toy against the body to stimulate the clitoris and that whole area. You can hold it yourself, let your partner do the honors, or even use it to tease them. Exposed is the toy you want no matter what shape your desires take.



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