Hot Date Night

Hot Date Night


Let the games begin with the Hot Date Night Card Game. You’ll never know what’s next when you draw a card from one of the four sizzling decks. Each card has a sexy action, question, or suggestion to turn up the heat on your night. Play with one deck or mix all four together for an added element of surprise. Any way you play, everyone wins with Hot Date Night.

Features & Benefits

  • Four decks with 100 total cards: 25 Hot Talk cards and 75 action cards ranging from Hot to Hottest
  • Six pass cards provide insight to your partner’s likes and dislikes
  • Great way to introduce new ideas in a playful and sexy way

No common allergens.

Always have customers with unique sensitivities check the contents before using.

  • Hot Date Night Cards
  • Instruction Manual

Heat up your nights with an intimate card game where everyone wins. Includes four sizzling decks with sexy questions and suggestions.


HOT – Flirty ideas that take things up a notch

HOTTER – Exciting ideas to turn up the heat

HOTTEST – Get ready, it’s gonna be a wild night

See included game instructions for more!

Have ever wanted to change things up in the bedroom or try something new, but you just aren’t sure how to do it? Hot Date Night is your answer to sexy inspiration. There are over 100 cards with suggestions, questions, actions, and ideas, and you can play any way that meets your fantasy. If you’re looking to get deeper insights from your longtime partner or get to know a new partner, maybe you play just with the questions deck to get to a new level of intimate conversation. Or, if you’re feeling frisky and want to get some of your energy out, go straight to the actions decks. Or, you can mix and match to see where the cards take you.

My favorite part about this is the anticipation—you and your partner are at the mercy of the cards, and it’s so helpful for exploring boundaries, preferences, and likes and dislikes in a playful and sexy way. The cards go from mild to completely wild, so it’s pretty guaranteed that you’ll laugh, have fun, and explore steamy new challenges together! Check this one out:
[show card]
“Tease and please your partner’s favorite spots: The catch? They can’t make a sound. If they do, they have to repay the favor.”
[pause for reaction]
If you play your cards right, there’s just no way to lose with Hot Date Night.



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