Heart Throb

Heart Throb


Knead away the stress of the day and set the mood for the night with Heart Throb. These round massagers provide double the impact with vibration and heat. Each massager comes with a battery-powered vibrating bullet that helps the heat penetrate exactly where you want it. Hand straps make it easy to offer the perfect massage every time.

Features & Benefits

  • The massage packs are great for intimacy and foreplay
  • Hand straps secure massagers
  • Vibrating bullet offers rhythmic pulsing
  • Stays warm for 30 minutes of sensual massage
  • Reusable for endless pleasure
  • Battery-operated design—1 AA battery per bullet, batteries not included

Heart Throb: 2 round discs; 2 vibrating bullets

Instruction Manual

No common allergens.

Always have customers with unique sensitivities check the contents before using.

To begin the warming process, snap the metal disc inside the massager once. The massager will quickly heat up to 129°F/54°C.

Pour a massage oil over the body. Insert hands into the straps on the back of each massager, and massage.

To turn on the bullets, press the button on the bottom of each bullet.

Once the massager cools, it will harden. To reset it, place the massager in boiling water for 7 to 10 minutes until the crystals have liquefied. You can then use it again.

Tip(s): Each massager requires one AAA battery. Store at room temperature.

Heart Throb is the perfect touch to any intimate occasion. We all know that physical touch is important. Studies even show that, in addition to touch being an important part of our personal lives, it can boost our immune systems, too. Sounds like a good reason to make some contact, and these vibrating massagers are exactly the way to go.

Each of these massagers heat up to provide the ultimate dose of relaxation. Deep, warm strokes from a massage aren’t boring though—a sexy massage can heat up any night. Plus, these hand straps and the option to add a vibrating bullet mean you can take your hands-on experience to the next level when the mood strikes. When you pair these with the Burning Desire hot oil candle, there’s just no telling where your hands will take you.



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