Frequent Flyer Door Swing

Frequent Flyer Door Swing


Board your non-stop flight to paradise with the Frequent Flier Door Swing. This position aid fits in any doorframe for bedroom acrobatics that’ll take partner play to a whole new level. Once seated, position the straps and get ready to move in ways you never imagined. The swing’s design allows your partner to take hold of the seat to angle your hips. Simply set up the swing in your doorframe, adjust the straps as needed, and get ready for ultimate satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

  • Installs in a doorway at home or a sexy getaway.
  • Allows for a variety of positions—sit in the seat and slide the lower straps under your ankles or thighs, then use the upper straps as hand grips.
  • Soft, padded seat and straps for comfort that you or your partner can move or adjust.
  • Adjusts to fit all heights and holds up to 300 lbs./136 kg.
  • Easy to take down and roll up for quick storage.

No common allergens.

Always have customers with unique sensitivities check the contents before using.

Frequent Flyer / Instant Position Aid

Place the bars over the top of the door, then close and lock the door to secure the straps. Adjust the seat height with the strap locks, then use the seat and position the lower straps under your ankles or thighs. Use the upper straps as hand grips as needed.

Tip(s): Discontinue use immediately if undesired discomfort or pain occurs. Always use responsibly.

[pretend you have a radio] Attention, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard your one-way flight to paradise. [show Frequent Flier if available] This is the Frequent Flier Door Swing. You install it in a doorway at home or a sexy getaway, close and lock the door, then climb in! The straps are very strong, they hold up to 300 lbs. or 136 kg., and the soft padded seat and ankle cuffs keep you comfortable. If you’re seated with your ankles or thighs up, your partner can even take over and angle your hips to really get in on the action. Once you’re done, the swing easily detaches from your door so you can roll up the straps and easily store it in a drawer.



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