In-Person Parties

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Here, you’ll find the basic flow and format for all parties, whether you’re throwing your own and acting as hostess yourself, or working with a customer as hostess. Along with party flow, you’ll find steps for pre-party planning, suggestions for activities during your presentation, and advice on following up with your guests. If you have not yet launched your business check out the Get Started section to learn about your Launch and Encore Parties, plus tips and tricks on how to get your business off the ground. 

Follow the guide below to help prep and pull off your perfect in-person party. 

Party Planning

Experience is Key

Before you party, it’s important to experience one yourself. If you haven’t attended one before, reach out to another Consultant and see if you can shadow one of theirs. Shadowing is a great way to see how the basic ins and outs of how a party can go. Use the Party Shadowing Sheet as a resource to guide you through the party.

There are also plenty of party examples to check out on our Consultant YouTube channel.

Unsure of who to shadow? First connect with your Sponsor to see her available dates to shadow a party. This is a great way to learn and be able to see a party firsthand behind the scenes. If you would like to shadow more Consultants within your area, contact our Support Team and we will get you connected.

Once you’ve attended a party as a guest, you should be ready to prep for your own!

Create Your Party Shopping Link

The very first thing to do after scheduling a party is to create the shopping link for your party. This unique link to your Personal Website will allow the guests to browse and shop, while still making sure all their orders count towards the hostess’ party total. Even better, any orders made from the link will be shipped directly to the customer – that’s one less thing to worry about!

Creating and sharing this link before the party is a way to let the hostess and her guests see all that Pure Romance has to offer and allow them to:

  • Create a personal wish list
  • Shop online with their partner
  • Still shop, even if they can’t attend

How to create a party shopping link:

Making Your First Connection

The first call to your hostess to plan the party is a super exciting time for you both. Make sure to have your Party Kickoff Form ready to go so you can stay focused and organized as the two of you talk about how to make this party as fun and exciting as possible.

Check out this great example of a party planning call with a hostess: 

Follow these steps during your call to ensure that your hostess feels your enthusiasm about partnering together to have a fun night with her and her friends.

  1. Ask the hostess why she wants to throw a Pure Romance Party
    • Does she love the products we carry? 
    • Does she want the hostess incentives?
    • Has she been to a party before and decided she wants to throw her own?
    • Is she interested in becoming a Pure Romance Consultant?
    • Does she just want to have a fun night in with her girlfriends?
  2. Clarify the date, time, and location – and make sure there’s a plan for parking
  3. Does your hostess have any themes in mind?
    • Themes are a great way to bring all the elements of your party together for a unified and exciting experience
    • They make planning for the hostess much easier
    • A theme makes for a memorable, festive, and fun experience for everyone involved
  4. Make sure you let her know you do individual ordering, so having a private space where guests can order discreetly is important. This allows her time to prep a space before the party!

Here are some great theme suggestions you can share with your hostess: 

Looking for more themes? Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas! 

  1. Are there any products your hostess specifically wants at the party?
    • Share your digital catalog link so she can start shopping and creating her wish list 
  2. Remind your hostess of the Pure Romance policy: there are to be no men or children – including babies – present at the party. 18+ female-identifying individuals only  
  3. Suggest ways you could invite guests to the party and determine which method of invitation your hostess would like to move forward with.
    • Through a Facebook Group or Event 
    • Texting or emailing digital invites 
    • Mailing or handing out paper invites 

In the next section, we’ll break down these different methods of inviting guests to a party. 

After Your First Connection

Now that you and your hostess have discussed the best ways to invite guests, it’s time to get inviting. These methods can change depending on your hostess, so make sure you’re familiar with how to do all the below invitation options.

Creating a Facebook Group

  1. Create a Facebook party group
    • Log in to Facebook
    • Select “Groups”
    • “Create New Group”
    • “Group Name”
      • Example group name: {hostess Name}’s FB BDAY Party
    • Choose “Privacy” and set group to “Private”
    • “Invite friends”
    • Add your hostess
    • Once group is created, have a fun party group cover image
    • Example party description:
      • I’m {your Name}, I’ll be your Pure Romance Consultant for this Pure Romance Sexy Shopping Experience. Join us for a couple hours of laughter, great conversation, and some much-needed stress relief as we experience some of the most amazing intimacy products on the market!
    • Schedule fun, interactive posts leading up to the party
  2. Gauge attendees’ excitement
    • Check RSVPs in the Facebook Group you created for her
    • Check for RSVPs via text message
    • See if posts in the Facebook Group are getting engagement
      • Positive engagement looks like comments, likes, and tags

Creating a Facebook Event 

  1. Log in to Facebook 
  2. Select “Create New Event” 
  3. Select “In Person” 
  4. “Event Name”
    • Example event name: Get Lucky with {your Name}
  5. Select date and time 
  6. Choose “Privacy” and set group to “Private” and tap next  
  7. Tap location and add party address and tap next 
  8. Insert description
    • Example party description: 
      I’m {your Name}, I’ll be your Pure Romance Consultant for this Pure Romance Sexy Shopping Experience. Join us for a couple hours of laughter, great conversation, and some much-needed stress relief as we experience some of the most amazing intimacy products on the market!  
  9. Once the group is created, have a fun party event cover image 
  10. “Event Settings.” Add your hostess as your cohost and tap “save” 
  11. Tap “Create Event” and now your event is created!  
  12. Plan fun, interactive posts leading up to the party 

Creating Digital Invites to Text, Email, and Share 

  • To create a text invite, utilize apps like Canva or PicCollage 
  • For further help with creating these invites, head to the Social Media section. 

Finding Paper Invites to Mail and Hand Out 

  1. Go to your Online Office 
  2. On the menu bar, go to Orders > Place Regular Order > Business Supplies 
  3. There, you can purchase paper invites perfect for any party 

Making Your Next Connection

We always prefer that you pick up a phone and call your hostess, but we understand that in today’s world, people move quickly. If texting is all you or your hostess have the time for, that’s okay too! Any way you do it, this is a great time to reconnect and make sure everything is in order before the party starts. When getting back with your hostess, it’s important to do the following: 

  • Ask About Attendance
    This will give you a good idea of what to expect and how much inventory to pack and display, if you choose to carry inventory. If possible, have the hostess reach out to the women who have RSVP’d and ask if they are still able to attend.  

    Example message:

I’m so excited to meet your friends! Who are you planning to see tomorrow? Roughly how many ladies are we expecting?

The rest of the follow-up conversation can go two different ways, depending on what attendance looks like.

If Attendance is Low

If attendance is low you have a few options to help your hostess. 

  1. If low attendance is due to guests not responding, encourage your hostess to send individual messages or make phone calls to her friends. 

    Example message from hostess:  

Hey {Name}! Just wanted to personally invite you to a Pure Romance ladies’ night I’m having. (Think much needed girl time, laughter + good conversations)
It’s {Date & Time}.
Can you make it?

  1. If she just hasn’t invited enough people, she might need help thinking of more people to ask. She likely has an entire group of girls (from work, church, or a parents’ group) she just didn’t think to ask because “they wouldn’t like something like this.” When that happens, simply say, “Usually, those are the people who end up needing the party the most!”  
  2. Encourage them to have their guests bring a friend! 
  3. Send invited guests that are not able to attend the party shopping link as those sales will count toward the party total. 

Remember to motivate your hostess by reminding her of the great benefits of hosting a party. Your hostess will receive 10% of her party sales toward her shopping spree. For example, if her party total is $500 the hostess will receive $50 to spend on product.  

Pro Tip: Don’t let attendance discourage you or your hostess. There are benefits to having smaller and larger parties. Lower attendance parties allow you to make more personal connections. Higher attendance parties can increase your funnel.

If Attendance is High

  • Ask them to reach out to confirmed attendees to get a final headcount and give them an example message to send:
    • Example message:

So excited to party with you tomorrow night! Are you bringing any friends? Just wanted to make sure so I have enough food for everyone.

Regardless of attendance, there are a few key points to touch on during this connection with your hostess:

  1. Reiterate your excitement and confirm the details (time, date, etc.) for the party
  2. See if they have any outstanding questions you can answer
  3. Ask nicely if you can park close to their place or in their driveway. That way, you can give her guests the product you have on hand that night, and it will make setting up a breeze!
  4. Let your hostess know that you will arrive at the event early to ensure you will have enough time to set up before guests arrive
  5. Remind your hostess that corporate policy is that no men or babies are allowed at parties
    • Example: What fun stuff will your family be doing while we’re having the party? (This question is an easy, low-pressure way to confirm all men and children will be gone)

Connect As Needed

Keep in mind, you can always reach out to your hostess as needed. Gauge the relationship and if you think she needs more support or information, reach out again. Making sure she knows she’s not alone in this can be a great way to build a lasting relationship. Don’t forget to remind her that she can still share the shopping link with those who are not attending.


Find that the hostess can no longer throw the party? Here are some ways to rebound and make sure the party stays on track:

  1. Turn the in-person party into a virtual party!
  2. See if the hostess has a friend that would be willing to host instead
  3. Reschedule for another time

Check out these scripts if your hostess says she needs to cancel: 

You and your guests were so excited and looking forward to the party! Did something happen?

Use your best judgement to decipher when to save the party vs. rescheduling the party.

If it’s a non-negotiable reason, such as sickness or an emergency, suggest rescheduling the party: 

I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll post in your event and let your guests know. Is it ok to follow up with you at a later time to reschedule?

If the reasoning is negotiable, such as babysitter canceling, or a sudden change of plans, give your hostess the option to reschedule the party or turn into a virtual party:   

I totally understand. There is another option, though. We could do a virtual party. That way, you and your guests still have fun, and you can earn free product. Does that sound like a good option? Or we could just look at rescheduling our in-person party?

If she is interested in changing to a Virtual Party, check out our guide on prepping and hosting a Virtual Party.

If she’d like to reschedule, consult your calendar and offer up your next open date.

If neither option works, you could also give your hostess the option to find a friend to host:   

Since your friends have already planned to attend, do you think one of your friends would want to host the party? You can still place an order through her party link, and we can reschedule your party for another time.

If she’s cancelling because of low attendance:

I can help with that! Have you called everyone on your invite list to confirm their rsvp? Let’s start there and see how many “yes’s” come from that. Also, let everyone know that if they bring a friend with them, they will get shopping bonus from me. I’ve done smaller parties and they are still just as fun because it was intimate and they got more time with me. They’ve been some of my best parties. How does that sound?

If that sounds good to her:

Great! I’m happy to help in any way I can to make this a successful party. I’m so excited, we are going to have so much fun!

If she says no:

I totally understand. Can I send you my open dates to reschedule?

If she doesn’t reschedule, ask her if you can follow up with her in a few weeks to find a better time. If she responds “yes,” put her on your Track Your Connection Form to follow up with later!  

For more tips on overcoming objections tap here.

Prep For Your Party

Now that your hostess is ready, use these checklists to gather everything you need to get you party-ready.

Prep Your Demo

  • Know what products you are planning to demo ahead of time (this can vary by season or hostess request)
    • Clean all demo products and any display props you may use, like risers or mannequins
    • Be sure to switch out any demo products that are no longer in good condition
  • Be prepared to bring your own demo table, if the hostess isn’t providing one
  • Pure Romance Tablecloth  – To ensure brand integrity, the Pure Romance tablecloth is strongly recommended, and is available in business supplies on the Online Office.
    • When showcasing products at a party, the tablecloth backs your products’ quality and safety with the Pure Romance brand
  • Party Wish List
    • This form can be tailored to the products you intend to showcase at your party
  • Party Activities
    • Icebreaker  
    • Booking 
    • Sponsoring 
  • Prizes for Activities
    • Pro Tip: Hand out prizes in the shopping room after the demonstration to encourage winners to shop 
  • Handouts for guests (make sure to bring a few extra, just in case!)
    • Catalogs- Available in Business Supplies on your Online Office
      • Online Office > Orders > Place Regular Order > set “Category” filter to “Business Supplies” > find “PR Catalog” 
    • Don’t forget, you also have the option of sharing the digital catalog, which is available on your Personal Website, if preferred 
    • Customer Connection Cards – Available in Business Supplies on your Online Office
      • Online Office > Orders > Place Regular Order > set “Category” filter to “Business Supplies” > find “Customer Connect Card” 
    • Pens 

Prep Your Shopping Room

Be sure to set up your shopping room prior to your party start time to ensure a seamless transition from your presentation to closing. Make sure to have these things on hand as you set up:

  • Your Phone with the Point of Sale App – PureShop – your personal virtual assistant at your fingertips for your parties.
  • Order forms – available in business supplies on your Online Office
    • Online Office > Orders > Place Regular Order > set “Category” filter to “Business Supplies” > find “Order Forms – Blank” 
  • Money bag
    • It is recommended to bring $50 in small bills and 1 roll of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies to provide change.  
  • Pure Romance shopping bags – discreet packaging is a requirement and available in business supplies on your Online Office
    • Online Office > Orders > Place Regular Order > set “Category” filter to “Business Supplies” > find “PR Shopping Bag”
  • Business Cards – available through your business partner Vistaprint 
  • Open Date Calendar

Prep Yourself

Dress the part. It takes 3 seconds for someone to make a first impression, so make it a good one!

Prep Your Car

  • Fill up the tank before you go
  • Load inventory/demo bags/table
  • If you have time, load your car the night before so you’re not rushed the next day
    • Pro Tip: If it is going to be particularly cold or hot out it is not recommended to leave products in your car, so grab them on your way out the door the day of the party.  

Prep Your Hostess Gift

An ideal hostess gift would be something in a Pure Romance bag such as an item you can buy in a 6-pack, like Heart Massager, topped with some tissue paper.

Party Flow

You’ve planned, you’ve prepped – now it’s time to party. Follow this guide to ensure you cover all your bases – from the general flow of the party to taking orders and following up afterward!

Remember to allow yourself time to greet your hostess, carry your belongings in, and be fully set up and ready to greet guests as they arrive. Allow 15-30 minutes to mingle with guests and for any late arrivals prior to starting your presentation. Once everyone is seated, pass out the Party Wish Lists, Customer Connection Cards, and pens.  

Thank Your Hostess 

Kick off your party by thanking your hostess and presenting her with her gift.  

Another great option to kicking off your party is to request for the hostess to introduce you to her friends by telling them how you met and why she wanted to host a party with you. This is a great opportunity to create a comfortable atmosphere for your hostess, her guests, and you! This may, also, get your guests thinking about hosting their own party and spark a sponsoring conversation later in the shopping room complimenting your hostess on how well she speaks in front of her friends. 

This is a great time to explain the Party Wish List. Guests can use this printed form to keep track of all the products, scents, and flavors that spark their interest during your demo. 

This is also a great resource because guests can write down any questions they have on this form and get them answered when they meet with you privately in the shopping room.  

Icebreaker Activities

The purpose of the icebreaker is to help guests relax and encourage conversation before the party starts. One of the most popular icebreakers is the Household Chore activity.

Check out more Icebreaker Activities here!

Your Story  

Your unique story gives guests insight into why you joined the Pure Romance community. It’s important to share your story with your guests so you are both relatable and vulnerable at the same time.  

Watch Ashley Coen, one of our Top Leaders, share her personal story: 

Now that you’ve seen Ashley’s story – it’s time to build your own!  

  1. What did you do before Pure Romance?
  2. What parts of that did you like?
  3. What parts of that didn’t you like?
  4. How did you hear about Pure Romance and what intrigued you about it?
  5. What fears did you have?
  6. How has life changed for you since becoming a Pure Romance Consultant?

Add a closing statement:

If you are interested in learning more about Pure Romance and what I do, please don’t let fear or
hesitations stop you. We can chat more about it in the shopping room

For step-by-step instructions and example stories, download the Your Story worksheet.

Product Demo 

Your party presentation will change through the seasons as you show off different products or tailor it for various themes and events. The demo is a great time to spice things up and show off your personality while reminding your guests of the importance of sexual health and wellness. 

Here’s a quick look at the recommended flow of your demonstration: 

  1. Bath & Body  
  2. Lingerie 
  3. Foreplay 
  4. Party Booking Activity 
  5. Toys 
  6. Sponsoring Activity 
  7. Closing the Demo 

Now that you’ve got your flow, it’s time to jump in! Here are some tips to keep in mind when demoing your products: 

  • Create a story about why your customers need this specific product. Will it help them in their relationship? Boost their confidence? Help them explore sexually? Or will it just add a little spice to their intimate life? Check out this great example of product storytelling with one of our top Consultants Lucy Heinen!
  • Put your personality into it! With each presentation, you build confidence and find creative ways to weave your genuine self into the party. Stick with what you know to be true and what you’re comfortable with. This will ensure you are your most relatable and genuine self
  • Know your products! Don’t forget, information on brands and products lives on the front page of your Online Office
  • Don’t be afraid to use notecards. It’s okay when you’re starting out, but as you get more comfortable presenting, slowly remove them as you perfect your presentation
  • Balance sexual wellness information with lighter moments as well
  • Specify which products can be tasted vs. simply smelled or felt. During your demo, apply products to your guests’ hands and arms, and let them know that it’s always okay to “pass”
    • Note: Products are never to be demonstrated on intimate body parts
  • Always ask if guests have allergies. Our Allergen Fact Sheet can help you keep track of any allergy needs as they relate to the products

Booking Activities 

Party Booking Activities are a fun way to fill your party calendar and expand your network of customers and hostesses. Here are some activities you can play with your guests to see if anyone is interested in throwing their own party – and getting those hostess benefits! 

  • Choose Your Word 
    Use envelopes to incentivize guests to book future parties.
  • Spin to Win 
    Use the prize wheel to entice your guests to book a party with Foil Packs.
  • Pass or Play 
    Encourage party guests to book by rewarding them both “now” and “later”

Check out our Party Booking Activity ideas for more!

Sponsoring Activities 

Sponsoring Activities get your guests thinking about the opportunity to have their very own Pure Romance business. These activities make it easier for you to engage guests in a conversation about becoming a Pure Romance Consultant later in the party.

Here are some Sponsoring Activities you can play with your guests to see if anyone would be interested in joining your team. 

  • 8 Questions
    Plant sponsoring seeds to get your guests asking questions about your business and picturing themselves as a Consultant

    Watch and learn more below! 
  • Ask Me Anything 
    Get guests to ask questions about the business opportunity and give you the perfect chance to tell them what Pure Romance has to offer.

Check out more Sponsoring Activities here!

Closing The Demo 

The demo might be coming to a close, but your shopping room is just opening! 

When closing your demo, follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure to thank your hostess 
  2. Remind the guests to bring their Party Wish Lists into the shopping room 
  3. Don’t forget to collect the Customer Connection Cards before heading into the shopping room
  4. Give an overview of the shopping room
    • 1-on-1 private shopping experience 
    • Communicate that the total will include:
      • State sales tax, if applicable 
      • An $8 shipping/convenience fee should be applied to all orders
    • Assure that any products you don’t have on hand will be shipped discreetly to them within 2 weeks of the party 
    • Note all forms of payment you accept 
    • Ask if anyone needs to leave early so you can invite them to shop first 
  5. Share your business details and catalogs
  6. Don’t forget: your hostess shops last so she can redeem her hostess credit from the party sales
  7. Thank the group before heading to the shopping room 

Try This!

Alright, ladies, that’s all I have to show you tonight! I want to thank {hostess’s name} for inviting me into her home and for such a great night with all of you!

Let’s give her a big hand for being such a fabulous hostess!

Now, we’ve had a lot of fun tonight as a group, but I want to make sure everyone is comfortable when they’re picking out their products, so the shopping room is 1 on 1! Just me and you!

Make sure you bring your Wish List with you to help speed up the process—and hopefully you wrote down any questions as we went. If not, make sure to write those down now so we can talk when we go in!

Just a reminder that all orders will include sales tax and a flat $8 convenience fee for having the product here tonight, or for shipping what I don’t have in inventory. And don’t worry, anything that gets shipped will look like any other package on your doorstep.

I accept cash or major credit cards, and I can help you with totaling your order once we get in there.
Hold onto my business card and add me on social if you have any questions. And remember—I’m not a one-night stand, so I will be following up to check on you.

Are there any ladies who need to leave soon? Let’s let them shop first so they can get on their way home! For those of you waiting to shop, here is our catalog for your viewing pleasure.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Party Flow Training

Now that you’ve read through the in-person party flow – check out this video from Ashley Livermore!

Party Demonstrations

Watching other parties is a great way to learn new techniques to spice up your party! Check out a few party demonstrations below:

Stacey Bauchs Party:

Kristen Suarazas Party:

Jenny Garcias Party:

Erica Chisms Party:

It’s great to gain insight and inspiration from other Consultants, but remember to keep your presentation unique to you and what you’re comfortable with.

The Shopping Room

You’re about to start the shopping room experience with your guests, but before you do, remember that this isn’t just about shopping – this is about building a relationship with your customer! 

The best way to build rapport is by asking questions and listening – let your customer do the talking! 

  • Ask open-ended questions to learn more about your customers
    • What did you enjoy most about tonight? 
    • What questions do you have for me? 
    • What do you think about what I do? 
  • Ask a question to transition into talking about the shopping room
    • What can I get for you tonight? 
  • Ask close-ended questions to guide them to a purchasing decision. Make sure that these questions take place with some context
    • Bath & Body: Do you experience any irritation when you shave? 
    • Intimacy: Do you currently use a lubricant? 
    • Sex Toys: Do you prefer internal, external, or both kinds of stimulation? 

Print off and display the Shopping Room Sign to hold you accountable for asking everyone who walks in if they would like to: 

  1. Book a party 
  2. Join your team as a Consultant 
  3. Refer a friend 

Remember that whatever it is your customer is purchasing, it’s probably a great reason to host a party. If she’s ordering everything off her Party Wish List, she obviously loves the products and will probably want to share that enthusiasm with her friends. And if her Party Wish List is a little bit out of her price range – she would definitely benefit from some free products! 

Taking Orders  

Using Order Forms 

  1. Use a blank Order Form for each new customer and fill out her information 
  2. Ask which items on her Party Wish List she is interested in purchasing tonight 
  3. Utilize your Product Pricing List to ensure accurate pricing on the Order Form 
  4. Reference experiential and cross-selling techniques to provide the best customer experience possible 
  5. Add any additional items she would like to purchase to the Order Form 
  6. Calculate the product total by adding together the prices of all the products they are purchasing 
  7. Add a flat rate of $8 shipping and handling to calculate the subtotal
    • You will be asked this question frequently, so be sure you know how to answer it:  
    • Why do you charge shipping even if you have the product on hand?
      • If you carry inventory and have the product, let them know this is a “convenience fee” for having product available at the party
      • If you don’t carry inventory, or don’t have a specific item in stock, let them know this is a shipping fee and that they should expect their product within 14 days
  8. Multiply the subtotal by the sales tax in your area and add that amount to the subtotal to calculate total amount due
    • Example:  
      1. Subtotal: $100
      2. Sales tax: 7%
      3. Calculation: 100 x 0.07 = 7
      4. $100 + $7 = $107 total amount due
  9. Let her know the total amount due 
  10. Ask which form of payment she will be using – cash, credit, or debit
    • If credit or debit card, utilize your Square card reader 
    • If cash, use your money bag

Below are examples demonstrating how to fill our order forms that include:

  • No discount
  • Discount on 1 item
  • Discount on full order
  • Hostess order

Check out section 2.1 of the Incentives Requirements Guide for more information! 

Shopping WITH Inventory:  

  1. Put the products she ordered into a Pure Romance Shopping Bag 
  2. Check off the “Backordered” box next to the items you don’t have in your inventory
    • Give her the receipt and let her know those products will be sent discreetly in the mail within 14 business days 
  3. If you don’t have any of the products they want on hand, refer below 

Shopping WITHOUT Inventory:  

  • Invite your customers to shop on your hostess’ party shopping link. There are multiple benefits of using this link:
    • You can highlight any corporate offers 
    • Your hostess will receive the order credits for her Hostess Rewards 
    • Corporate will pack and ship the orders for you 
    • Customers can buy any Pure Romance product they want 

Hostess Shopping 

Time for the grand finale! Your hostess is coming to shop and is excited to see what her discount will be! Now it’s time for you and your hostess to make a big decision: does she keep the party rolling or close it out? We recommend closing the party the night-of, but you may encounter the situation where party sales are low and the hostess would like to extend her party close-out date.  

If the hostess wants to keep the party going to earn more hostess rewards, follow these steps:  

  1. Establish a new party close-out date and update this in My Parties 
  2. Communicate the new close-out date with the hostess and let her know that her party shopping link will be active until then 
  3. Provide her with simple verbiage to share with friends to generate more orders
    • Example:
    • The drawing prize could be a coupon for 5% or 10% off their next order, or a Foil Pack.

Hey {Name}, missed you at the party the other night! I know you wanted to come. My link is open until {new close-out date} for you to treat yourself. Can you let me know once you’ve placed your order so I can enter you into the prize drawing? 

Common Hostess Rewards:

How to calculate hostess credit: 

  • Add up all the retail sales, minus any discounts, from the guests’ orders,  
  • Multiply the total dollar amount of the above calculation by 10% to get your hostess credit 
  • Example:
    • Party Totals: $600 Party Sales 
      Multiply: $600 x .10 = $60 
      Hostess Credit: $60  

Then, you will let your hostess know that she had $X party sales and that she has $X in shopping credit 

{Hostess Name}, you had a $600 party tonight! Guess what that means? On top of the items you received at the beginning of the party, you have $60 in shopping credit to treat yourself to some goodies! What can I get you?

Pro Tip: Your hostess is the customer most likely to join your team. They now have firsthand experience planning and executing a party, and they’ve seen how much they could make at a party, so make sure to ask if she’d like to join your team.

  • If she’s interested, send her to your Personal Website where she can sign up
    • Check with guests who already scheduled their own parties to see if they would prefer to have their friend host their party 
  • If she’s not interested, continue taking her order as normal 

Shopping Room Scenarios 

Check out these other common scenarios that Consultants have experienced in the shopping room, and how they navigated each: 

The Upgrade 

Find out if your customer already owns a bedroom toy. If they do, ask them what they like and don’t like about it. Their answers will help guide you make suggestions that are right for them. 

For example, if a customer owns the common bullet (like Fan Favorite), knowing that the bullet is used for external, clitoral stimulation can help you suggest some upgrades she might like in a new bedroom toy, like Opening Act! 

The Shy Guest 

It’s totally understandable that some guests may not be as open as others at a Pure Romance party. You’ll need to adapt your approach to create a comfortable environment where they can open up.  

  • Mirror her behavior 
  • Lower your tone of voice and slow down your approach 
  • She came into the shopping room for a reason, so use open-ended questions to find out why 

Wants To Buy, But Money’s Tight 

If the guest shows interest in product but she’s on a budget, remind her that she can book a party with you, and get some free gifts in return! 

Needs To Consult with Their Partner 

This guest is considerate of their partner, so recognize and celebrate that.  

Transition the conversation to their needs by asking about their Party Wish List and/or what they enjoy in the bedroom.  

Then offer the question:

May I ask, are you more worried about your budget or your partner’s concerns?

It’s completely normal that a shopper might want to ask for their partner’s opinion. Maybe they want their partner to weigh in on the product they purchase, they’re worried their partner won’t like product in the bedroom, or they’re worried their partner won’t approve the cost of the product(s). 

  • Offer to do a consultation with them and their partner  
  • Set a firm follow-up time to connect with them  
  • If they’re worried about their budget, offer to book a party!  

Post-Party Processes 

Placing Orders 

  1. Enter the customer orders not purchased directly through the hostess’ party shopping link into “My Parties.” This will help you keep track of customer data and products purchased, but will not place the order for you. If all orders have been fulfilled at the party, including the hostess, and there are no backorders, we encourage you to close the party
    • To close the party, be sure to select “Close” from the dropdown menu in “My Parties.” This is important, as it helps you stay organized and qualify for any party booking incentives corporate provides
  2. If your hostess wants to collect more orders, or if there are backorders, the party will remain open. Be sure to clearly communicate a deadline for the party to close with your hostess to receive her party incentives 
  3. To fulfill backorders, place an order on your Online Office. Remember to buy smart! You should combine parties, shop on sale days, and restock your inventory so you’re ready for your next party 

When everything is ready to ship, include a copy of the backordered items that were included in their purchase along with a personalized note 

  1. Choose the method of shipping that works best for you 
  2. Wrap their order in tissue paper, tighten liquid caps, and place products in plastic sealed bags 
  3. Don’t forget the special touch – spray each package with one of the irresistible Pure Romance fragrances


There are many things you can do after a party to help build a life-long customer relationship – there’s fortune in the follow-up!  

Because follow-up is such a powerful tool for turning leads into parties, sales, and potential team members, you’ll need a system that helps you effectively follow up with your customers and keep in touch with them over time. 

Follow-up doesn’t need to take more than 15-20 minutes every week. Simply open your phone and go to your “Reminders” or “Calendar.” Then set a recurring reminder (or appointment in your calendar) for 15-20 minutes once a week. Pick the day that works best for you! 

Now that you’ve scheduled follow-up time, the next step is to create your own system. We recommend following the 2-2-2 System. 

This system allows you to follow up with each guest 2 days, 2 weeks, and 2 months after the party they attended. If you’re lucky, by the two-month period, they will need refills on their favorite products!  

Here is an example of what to say when reaching out to previous party guests: 

Two Days After Party 

Hey {Name} it’s {your name}, your Pure Romance Consultant! It was great to see you the other day at the Pure Romance Party! I hope you had fun and are enjoying your new goodies! If you didn’t get everything on your list at the party, I just wanted to let you know that for the next 24 hours you can get anything else you may need at 20 percent off! Check out my online catalog {insert digital catalog link} and text me back what you want! If you have any questions, would maybe like to host a party of your own and earn the rewards, or want info on joining our team, let me know! Thanks again!

Two Weeks After the Party 

Hey {Name}, how is everything going with the Pure Romance products you purchased? If you have any questions let me know!

Two Months After the Party 

Hi {Name}, it’s been a couple of months since your purchase. Would you like to restock or try something new? –{your name}

Learn more more about the 2-2-2 System and other examples of effective follow-up.