Using Inventory Boosters to Maximize Sales


To purchase or not to purchase the Inventory Booster, that is the question. The answer is… purchase it! Choosing to carry inventory is a great way to increase your customer base, get new products into your party demos, and increase your product knowledge. Check out the top three reasons why purchasing the Inventory Booster will help maximize your sales and business.   

  1. Fast Like Amazon Delivery – Consumers care about how quickly they get a product, from order to delivery. According to, 38% of online shoppers will abandon their order if the delivery is expected to take longer than 1 week. Being a Consultant with Pure Romance, you can carry inventory and build your stock with the products you know your customers will purchase, so you can ship it to them more quickly. You can do in-person parties without inventory, but most customers like to go home with products that night so they can use them and give you a great review! This also reduces your post-party workload by saving you from packaging their order and going to the post office. 
    • Pro Tip: when taking a customer’s order, always specify an estimated time for arrival (ETA) for their package, regardless of whether you’re placing an order on your Personal Website or placing a Regular Order from your Online Office.  
  1. Support Your Community – Be involved with your community, whether that is attending events to meet new potential customers or participating as a vendor at an event. Customers you interact with will see where you are and what you are doing even if you don’t think they know, since you’ll be posting your day-to-day life on social media 😉. This not only helps increase your brand visibility in your community but makes people outside of your immediate circle aware of your business too. Carrying inventory opens doors for your community, as you’ll be able to demo products at vendor shows so customers can taste, smell, or feel. Plus, because you’ll have the products in stock, they can get it the same day – no shipping date required!  
    • Further, creating gift sets to sell in consultantship with nonprofits and fundraisers is a wonderful way to use inventory to support your community for a good cause. You choose the products and value of the basket and aid your community along the way. Top Consultants will usually create unique gift baskets to fit the theme or mission of the fundraiser, but try to keep it mild by including the Bath & Shower or Beauty & Body products such as Conditioning Shave Cream, Basic Instinct, Hydrating Body Oil, etc.  
  1. Buy Now, Pay Later – As a Consultant, you can pay for your Inventory Booster in up to 5 installments. This is a great option because you can literally pay off the Inventory Booster with the money you make from selling the products inside! For example, if you purchase the Standard Inventory Booster in the US, you receive $803 in products for only $320. What’s more –– you can pay that off over 5 months in installments of only $64! So, let’s say after receiving your Inventory Booster, you sell about half of the products for $400 in the first month. Because you’re only paying $64 that month, you profit $336 which you can reinvest into your business, set aside to use to continue paying off the Inventory Booster, or put in your pocket! Put simply, the Inventory Booster is the best way to build your inventory at a cost-effective price.  

Don’t just take our word for it –– hear from the Consultants who have used the Inventory Booster to jumpstart their businesses!   

Erika Fogelstrom 

The Inventory Booster not only stocks your on-hand store, gives you top-selling items to demo in-person or virtually for your clients, but also allows you to take care of your own personal needs. Using and being able to speak personally about your products is huge! When you share your experience, it is less about selling and more about what you are passionate about. Almost all of my new team members purchase the Inventory Booster because it is also a smart business decision! It all around is a winning situation! Thank you Corporate for giving us such an awesome opportunity to jumpstart our business! (And in 5 convenient payments for any budget might I add) 

Chelsea Boor 

The Inventory Booster helped to launch my business. I was able to have product immediately available for hostess incentives and customer purchases. It was completely gone in the first month of receiving it and I am so glad I did it!! 

 Talese Slay 

My business has benefited from the Inventory Booster in the following ways: 

Make Money – I make a larger profit, because of the great discount with this program. 
Save Money – I don’t have to break the bank to get all that inventory up front, because the program allows me to split it up into 5 monthly payments. 
Sell More – I am more likely to sell a product when I have inventory on hand. 

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