Strategies for Product Testers


Who loves to try products at a discount? Who likes to be one of the first people to see new products? You rarely hear people say no to discounts and having early access to new launches. You can target this group of customers by making them product testers! Utilizing product testers is just one strategy you can use to increase sales and connect with your customers within your business. There are many ways you can have fun with product testers.  

Top Consultants utilize this marketing strategy to increase their sales and get their customers involved in trying products they wouldn’t normally try. In return, your customer gives you a review for testing out the product. It can be a PG review or a frisky review depending on the product. Plus, ask them to add PG pictures, like a picture of the product if it’s mild in nature (if it’s a toy, have them just take a picture of the packaging) that you can post in your VIP Group for interaction. Product testers can be used for any type of products in your product line, not just new products launching. Check out the many ways to incorporate Product Testers into your business below. 

  1. Be your own Product Tester!  

You are running your own business, so be your own first product tester. Using the products you sell not only makes you knowledgeable about how to use them, but also gives you firsthand experience and knowledge for your demo at your parties.  

Take Basic Instinct, for example. This is a pheromone-infused roller ball perfume that reacts to your body chemistry to create its own unique fragrance. How cool! Sharing this product and talking about it to friends and family at get-togethers will bring up some interesting conversations. You can say to your friends and family, “I have a product I’m doing some research on to see how my friends like their own unique pheromones, may I roll this on your wrist?” 

Your friends and family are the best people to get feedback from. Utilize them to test the Bath & Body products for reviews to add to your own social media or VIP Group (you can always post their reviews anonymously!) 

You can also create a survey to help structure your customers’ feedback or use this one: Product Tester Survey 

  1. Find Party Testers!  

Parties are the easiest way to find product testers. Have a hostess incorporate product testing into her party! You can offer the hostess a discount on one of the new products that launched in exchange for her review.

Did you know that you can host your own VIP product tester party, too? These parties are for those ladies who might not be able to host due to various reasons – not enough space, children in the home, limited time, etc. You can plan out the party and host it in your own home or private space. You can offer raffle tickets to reward guests for bringing along 18+ friends; the more the merrier, right? That helps increase your sales funnel because they could bring friends that haven’t shopped with you before.  

How to throw this party: Conduct an open-house style party with the products on your demo table. Give raffle tickets to everyone that walks through your door. You can add a cap for those that place an order that night, 3 tickets for every $50 they spend and 5 tickets for scheduling their own party with you!

Make sure you market this exclusively in your VIP Group at first, then contact leads on your “Who Do You Know List” and encourage them to bring a friend or two with them.  

  1. Create Product Tester Packages!  

You can create gift sets in two ways:
1. Stack the gift sets based on the products that are launched. Look at the price points and only offer around a 7% -10% discount on the full retail price of the products (not the sale price that corporate may give Consultants). If there are 6 new toys launched, stack them based on pricing highest to lowest. Along with any toy, you want to encourage addons by offering Cleansing Mist, Toy Tote, and a lubricant.
2. Create gift sets and put a set price on them. Most Consultants will create Wild or Mild gift sets depending on the products launched. Feel free to include products that didn’t just launch in your set, just make sure to include at least one new product.

These are just a few ways to incorporate product testers into your business to increase your sales and fill your funnel with new customers. Word of mouth is key when it comes to reviews on products. Have you ever reviewed something online? Typically, those who leave reviews about products fall into one or the other extreme end of the spectrum: “I hated it” or “I loved it.” By having product testers on your side, you equip yourself with all types of reviews – good, bad, and anything in between! Good reviews give credibility to your business! Once one person gives a vote of confidence to your brand, they are likely to recommend it to others, helping you grow organically.  

For even more tips on product testers, head to the “Push vs. Pull Marketing” section of the Training Site and look for “Marketing for Product Testers.” 

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