How to Leverage E-commerce Sales


As a Consultant, you are offered Online Office sales quite regularly. These sales help you build your inventory, buy smart, and sometimes even mitigate shipping costs. In addition to Online Office sales, the Corporate Office also provides e-commerce sales (typically Thursday through Monday) that your customers can take advantage of via your Personal Website. Here, we’ll work through some of the best ways to drive customer traffic to your Personal Website, and how to take advantage of these offers to increase sales (no shipping required!).  

Drive Customers to Your Personal Website

Marketing is one of your most important tools when it comes to driving business to your Personal Website. When there is an e-commerce sale available on your Personal Website, there are premade shareables you can access via the PR Connect app to send to your customers through email, text, or social media. Along with the shareable photos of the products on sale/the offer being extended, you will also have prewritten communications to copy and paste to any of those media. Additionally, there are also weekly videos posted in the Pure Romance Consultants Facebook page where your sister Consultants provide tips and tricks to leveraging the latest e-commerce sale. 

As always, when you reach out to customers or post on social media about a Personal Website sale, the fortune is in the follow up.  

Your initial contact/post should provide enough information to generate interest but be ambiguous enough that potential customers must interact with you to get the rest of the details. This is key to building relationships with your customers! For examples of effective email, text, or social media outreach and follow up about Personal Website sales, head to the Marketing section, then go to “Marketing for Personal Website Orders/Reorders.” 

Boosting Party Sales

In addition to helping you make virtual sales, you can also leverage e-commerce sales to increase your party sales. While it is always great to have product on hand for your in-person parties, your party guests also have the option to shop your Personal Website via the party shopping link. Because the party shopping link brings guests directly to your Personal Website, they can take advantage of any e-commerce sales running at that time.  

For example, if a customer is interested in purchasing 1 Conditioning Shave Cream and you don’t have it in stock, you can direct them to the party shopping link. Let’s say, currently, there is a Buy One Get One 50% Off sale running. Because your customer encounters an offer they weren’t anticipating, they are likely to splurge for the second Conditioning Shave Cream as well, helping your party sales total. For more examples, head to the In-Person Selling section of Sales Techniques.  

Encouraging Reorders

Lastly, you can utilize e-commerce sales to encourage repeat business from previous customers. This one will take a little bit of work on your part, but it is key to making lifelong customers out of one-time buyers.  

Anytime a customer purchases something from you, make it a habit to record their information and the product(s) they purchased from you. That way, you can not only utilize the 2/2/2 method to follow up in a timely manner, but you can also message them when an item they like is on sale. For example, if a customer purchased a Just Like Me from you and you have that information recorded, you can message them when there is a “$100+ order gets a free Just Like Me” sale to encourage them to try something new and get something they already know they like!  

There are lots of ways you can leverage e-commerce sales to supplement your business. For more ideas on this topic, reach out to a sister Consultant for tips or drop a question on the Pure Romance Consultants Facebook page. Teamwork makes the dream work! 


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