Gaining Referrals

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you think about everything this business can do to enrich the lives of others – through extra income, self-confidence, personal growth, recognition, friendships, and flexibility – we really owe it to the women we meet to share somethingthat can improve their lives.   

Giving other women the chance to be in control of their schedule and finances can be a true driving force behind your business and success. Get ready to learn top tips on gaining Referrals and sharing this amazing business with the women in your life.

Why Refer Women to Join?

As your success and excitement about your new business grows, you may find that it’s the perfect time to spread the word and get some friends to join you. If you know someone that’s interested, or could benefit from, becoming a Consultant, reach out to them! You’ll have a built-in support system, someone to learn and grow with – and you’ll both make some extra income along the way!

Benefits of Referring

Most women join Pure Romance for the ability to earn extra money, but what they find is much more than what they expected: 

  • New friendships and connections 
  • More time with family and friends 
  • Higher self-confidence 
  • Enhanced intimate life 

When you refer women to join, you both can benefit from the business. Check out the Pay Plan (US/PR/CAN/AU/NZMX) for more info on rewards, bonuses, and incentives

Can I Refer?

Anyone can refer! Just remember, just because they love the products, doesn’t always mean they’re a perfect fit to start a business. It’s important to ask one big question to all your potential Referrals.

“Do you want to sell product and make money?”  

If their answer is “No”, or they tell you they just wanted discounted product, they are better off staying your customer.  

If their answer is “Yes”, then congratulations – you just found a great Referral opportunity!  

But, before you consider referring women to the business, it’s understandable to have a few questions or concerns: 

“I’m new to the business, how can I train someone else?” 
“I feel like I would need to know EVERYTHING.” 
“I’m afraid I won’t know how to answer questions.” 
“It sounds like too much work to handle.” 

These questions are natural – and valid. But the tools you need to be successful have already been created, and are ready to empower you with the ability to empower others.  

Being a mentor isn’t about having all the answers all the time, or even knowing how to lead. It’s about going on a journey together, learning from each other, and growing as both people and Consultants.  

Also keep in mind that you are part of a community of supportive women that want nothing but the best for you. You can always lean on your mentor, sister Consultants, and trainings whenever you feel you need the extra support! If you still can’t find the answer, the new Consultant Success Team is sure to help!

Finding Referrals at Parties

Your parties are the best place to find Referrals. You are the main attraction, and everyone is there to listen and learn about what you have to offer – and have some fun, of course! By adding just a few more details about the business throughout your party, you can maximize the opportunity to promote the business and achieve the best Referral leads.  

Flow With the Party

Your parties will have a similar format each time you do them. Over time, you’ll perfect this flow and have your demo down. During your presentation, be sure to plant a few seeds to bring up the business with your hostess and guests in a way that seems natural and genuine.  

By arriving at your parties early, you’ll have time to mingle with your hostess and guests before you get started. Observe and listen to them before, during, and after each party. Listen to conversations for hints that someone might benefit from starting their own Pure Romance journey:  

“I bet you love your job.”  
“I hate my job”  
“I’m so glad to have the opportunity to get out of my house”  
“I could use some extra cash”  
“This is my fourth party this year!” 

These are great opportunities to strike up a conversation with a guest in the Shopping Room, and introduce her to the idea of becoming a Consultant. 


A hostess is your number one potential Referral – they’ve already shown interest in Pure Romance by hosting their own party. In fact, around 50% of hostesses become Consultants! As you plan the party together, you’ll build rapport with your hostess, which makes now the perfect time to plant the seed of becoming a Consultant.  

Get her thinking about how achievable starting her own business could be. She already knows people who will come to a party, she’ll have hands-on experience with many products, and an idea of how to talk about them. Plus, she’ll already have a taste of what she could make by becoming a Consultant herself.  

For example, during the planning or set-up stages of the party, you could say something like this: 

Hey {Name}, tonight is going to be SO much fun! Your friends are coming over, and you’ll get some gifts from me. But, if you’re interested in doing what I do, watch my presentation and write down any questions you have about doing this yourself, so we can chat later.  

During the Party

There will be several opportunities during the party to plant seeds about, and generate interest in, joining Pure Romance.

  1. Refer to your Shopping Room Sign to hold you accountable for asking your three questions and it will let the guests know what to be on the lookout for  
  2. At the beginning of your presentation, be sure to ask if anyone has been to a party, or used Pure Romance products in the past – then ask what their favorite product is. When someone says their favorite product, hand it to them. When you get to the part that you would typically talk about the product you gave them, have them talk about it instead.  

Give them a lead-in question or two: 

What do you love about this product? 
What makes this product your #1 Pure Romance go-to? 

Once they’re done talking about their favorite product, tell them how well they did and that they just did their first product demonstration! Without even knowing it, they just showed you, themselves, and their friends that they can talk about Pure Romance products with energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge – all of which are hallmarks of a successful Consultant. 

Your Referral Activity

Your guests have just spent the last 20-30 minutes experiencing and learning about Pure Romance products. Now is a great time to utilize your Referral Activity! Referral Activities are a low-pressure way to get your guests thinking about the opportunity to having their very own Pure Romance business.

One great example is the Ask Me Anything Activity. This will get your guests asking questions about the business and give you the perfect chance to tell them what Pure Romance has to offer.

For Referral Activities, the introduction is everything: 

Alright ladies, now it’s time for you to get to know me as your Pure Romance Consultant. We’re going to play a little game. For every question a guest asks about your Pure Romance business, they receive a raffle ticket. The more questions you ask, the more chances you have of winning this prize [Show prize]. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, wow {your name} has a really awesome job I can’t believe she gets paid to do this, then I need you to listen, and add a $ on your Customer Connection Card so we can connect in the Shopping Room.

Send your potential Referral this video all about the Pure Romance opportunity:

Check out even more ideas for Referral Activities.


The shopping room is a great place to reintroduce the idea of becoming a Consultant. Be sure to talk to everyone that attends the party. You don’t want to make assumptions about who needs the extra income or who is simply thinking about selling the products for fun. Everyone deserves to be provided with the opportunity to change their life!  

If you’re speaking with a hostess, return to the conversation you had with her before the party.

For example: 

Hey {Name}, tonight was so much fun! It’s obvious that your friends love Pure Romance. They spent $X and booked X parties with me! If you were the Consultant, you could’ve made $X. With that being said, before I take all these parties for myself, are you interested in selling Pure Romance and turning those X parties into your own? 

If she’s interested, send her your Personal Website link, where she can sign up 

  • Check with guests who already scheduled their own parties to see if they would prefer to have their friend host their party 

If you’re speaking with a guest, refer to their Customer Connection Card, and tailor your questions about the opportunity based on their interest level. For example: 

Did you have fun tonight? 
It seems like you had a blast, and you were great at talking about some of the products, you’d make a great Consultant! Have you ever thought about selling Pure Romance products?  

The question doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Be sure to put her at ease by asking these questions in a conversational way, and don’t make her feel bad if she’s not interested – there will still be opportunities to work with her down the line.

Finding Referrals Outside of Parties

Work finding Referrals into your daily routine. Be prepared and comfortable talking to anyone, in any scenario, about your business, and you’ll be well on your way to finding referrals!  

Whether you’re out shopping, at the movies, or on the sidelines of your child’s soccer game, talk to everyone about Pure Romance! You would be surprised when you are talking with passion and excitement about what you do and your products, it naturally sparks an interest in others. With a few small tweaks, you can transform your Pure Romance Commercial, and use it to offer the business opportunity.

Once you’ve initiated the conversation, ask for their contact information, add them on social media, and invite them to join your VIP Group.  

VIP Group 

Utilizing your VIP Group is a great way to find and create Referral leads. When you’re posting fun, exciting new content and showcasing your benefits, you’re going to draw people in.  

Example Posts:  

Who could use an extra $200-$300 a month?

Who needs a side gig to get a full tank of gas or to cover groceries?  

When someone comments on one of these posts, reply with a 3-4-word comment, then follow up with a private message like this:  

Hey {Name}, I saw your comment in the VIP Group about wanting some extra income. Are you looking for something part-time or full-time? 

Another way to find sponsoring leads within your VIP Group is to post more directly about looking for someone to join Pure Romance. You never know who is watching your posts from the background and wishing they were in your shoes.

Social media is the fastest way to connect to a large network. Your goal is to continuously grow your VIP Group to fill your funnel with customer leads, party leads and Referrals. Don’t forget to also keep in mind that you can find these leads on social media outside of your VIP Group.  

Use your Lead Connection Form to keep track of people that could benefit from selling Pure Romance products – those that recently lost their job, need some extra cash, or who routinely engage with your posts are all top contenders. 

Previous Referrals 

Another group that is worth presenting the business to (again) are women that were previously Consultants Maybe it wasn’t a good time before, but now might be the right time to get them back on board.

Even if they’re not currently interested, they may be good contenders to go into your Referral funnel, so you can circle back to them later and see if they are ready to work this time!

Yes, Maybe, No

No matter who you present the opportunity to become a Consultant to, they will respond with “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” Let’s talk a bit about how to handle each of these responses, and the best practices to change those No’s and Maybe’s into Yes’s.

You Got a Yes 

If someone says “yes” they are ready to start selling product – stop pitching and listen. You don’t need to keep going on about all the benefits of becoming a Consultant. She’s already sold on the idea. The next step is to direct them to your Personal Website where they can sign up. Make sure they understand the process that aligns with the Business Pack they choose and let them know to expect a new Business Orientation to help them get started.

You Got a Maybe 

When someone says “maybe”, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean “no.” Start to understand where she’s coming from, and present her with the various ways Pure Romance can improve her life. One great technique to use when someone says “maybe” is setting up a Connection Meeting.  

Connection Meetings are one-on-one meetings where you dive deeper into the business. These meetings should be informal, but treated in a professional manner. 

Before your Connection Meeting, make sure you’ve printed out the Design Your Life Questionnaire, and have it ready to fill out during your meeting. Really listen to your lead. The best thing you can do for yourself and for her is to stay engaged in the conversation and keep your ears open.

To maximize the interest of your potential Referral, always consider the following: 

  • Focus the conversation on what is important to them 
  • Address any concerns they may have 
  • Share how Pure Romance could turn their dreams into reality 
  • Make sure she understands that being a Consultant means she’s ready to sell product
  • Find out when they want to get started 

If they are still on the fence, they will enter your Referral funnel and that’s okay. It’s not always the right time for someone to join.

Your Referral funnel is a group of women who have previously shown interest in becoming a Consultant. Make sure to stay in touch and follow up. You never know when the time will be right for them. A few things you can reach out about are:

  • Personal catch-up 
  • Product sales or orders
  • What’s holding them back from getting started 

1 in 10 women you ask will end up being a “yes,” so the more leads you have in your funnel, the more likely you are to experience the benefits of referring. 

You Got a No 

Even if the response to your pitch isn’t positive, don’t worry! Just because someone isn’t interested in becoming a Consultant doesn’t mean you can’t work with them in the future.  

Those who aren’t currently interested in becoming a Consultant can still be a customer or a hostess for you! When someone says no, don’t take it personally. The “no” could mean “not right now.” The best way to keep them in your funnel is to stay positive and suggest alternatives: 

No worries {Name}, I totally understand how you feel – the business isn’t for everyone! How about this? Since I know you love Pure Romance products and having a great time, would you be interested instead in some freebies and discounts for hosting a party with me? 

For more ways to handle No’s, and tips on turning them into Yes’s, check out our Overcoming Objections section!

Onboarding New Consultants

Congratulations on your new Referral! This is an exciting time for the both of you! 

Now that she’s purchased a Pack, it’s important to invest time in helping her get off to a successful start. After all, you already know what it’s like to be in their shoes, and how much there is to learn.  

Beginning with good business practices is vital to her success – and it’s in your best interest. As a mentor, you should be training your newest referral on how to be a successful Pure Romance Consultant.  

  1. Encourage her to attend a New Consultant Business Orientation
  2. Walk her through her Consultant Online Office set up
  3. Make sure she also sets up her Personal Website
  4. Have her work through the Get Started section of the training site
    • Check on her throughout the process to see if she has any questions 
    • Send her the Get Started Checklist
  5. Promote the Inventory Boosters which will bump her to a 40% Buying Discount!
  6. Make sure she gets certified in sexual health with our Pro Academy certification program
  7. Invite her to all business events 

Remember, when your Referrals succeed, you succeed too!  

Be a Resource 

You are the connection between your new Referral and her new business. It’s important to understand that she’ll want guidance as she gets started. We encourage her to be independent and use the New Consultant Success Team as a resource but it’s nice if you also invite her to shadow your parties, respond to calls and emails, and establish business hours so she knows when you’re available to answer questions. If you can’t answer her question or don’t know where to find the answer, recommend she contact the New Consultant Success Team or our support team. 

Referring people to the business is both exciting and challenging. It’s important to remember why you’re bringing women into the business in the first place – your goals, and your future. 

Acknowledging Success

Now that you have women looking up to you as a mentor, don’t forget to keep it fun! Use this Certificate of Achievement template to congratulate them on their successes! 

Some examples of when you could use this would be:

  • Inventory Booster Purchase
  • First Party
  • First Commission Check Earned
  • Top Retail Sales Month
  • Got Her 1st Referral
  • Earned Free Product or Cash Bonus

There are so many more opportunities to use this certificate! Either way, letting them know that their hard work is being noticed, is an easy thing you can do to help them feel appreciated.