Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Marketing is an essential part of running a business in today’s digital world. It’s how new businesses have succeeded in taking the world by storm. Even the best products, like the iPhone, would have never seen the light of day without great marketing to back them.   

Thanks to technology, the internet, and other trusted forms of marketing, you don’t have to be a multibillion-dollar corporation to get the word out. You already have access to all the resources and best practices you need to market your small business!  

Let’s jump in, create your personal brand, and learn how to grow your business –– whether you’re on day 1 or day 1,000.  

Building Your Brand

Marketing is all about generating interest in a brand. As a Pure Romance Consultant, you are your own brand! You learned about Pure Romance as an overall brand, but now it’s time to define who you are as a Pure Romance Consultant.

  • Your personal brand is the perception others have of your products, vision, and content
  • Everything from your voice on social media, to how you package your orders with extra care, to your 30-second commercial influence how people see your brand
  • A brand identity is made up of what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate your product, and what you want people to feel when they interact with your company
  • Essentially, your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers

Here’s a quick video on how you can put your Brand into your packaging.

It’s important to keep in mind that, everywhere you go (physically or online), you are representing your personal brand. It is up to you to connect your customers to the Pure Romance products, opportunity, and community.

Make an Impression In-person  

You have only seconds to make a good first impression. Let’s talk about a few things you can do to market yourself in the best light!  

  • Clothinggrab your blazer and nice slacks, a knee-length skirt and blouse, or a business casual dress. Throw on some flats or heels! If you’re at a party remember, no stressed jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes, please 
  • Hygiene – Before you go out, spray yourself with Refreshing Fragrance Mist or Truly Sexy Flirt perfume to get the guests asking more!  
  • Smile – the best accessory  
  • Attitude – excited, energetic, while being cool and collected  
  • Posture – humans unconsciously mimic body language. If you’re standing up straight and attentive, your guests will be too!  

Make an Impression Online

Your customers want to know more about you! How you market your business online is just as important as face to face! Take a look at these best online business practices to keep pulling customers to love you and your brand!  

  • Have a professional email address (Example: [email protected])  
  • Tasteful profile picture, or headshot  
  • Keep social posts fun, inspirational, and professional  
    • Do: Photos of team meetings, recognition, and Pure Romance events  
    • Do: Personal family photos and hobbies  
    • Don’t: “HELP! Book a party with me so I can stay active!”  
  • Avoid political, religious, and current event posts (including comments)  
    • Do: Share/Repost Corporate ads and posts  
    • Don’t: “OMG – I would never vote for _________! They are crazy!”  
  • No explicit content, including images of any phallic-shaped toys, can be posted to your page unless it’s a private VIP Group!

Below, we’ll share some of our top recommended tips for marketing all the aspects of your business.

Push vs. Pull Marketing

In any industry, there are two types of marketing: push marketing and pull marketing.  

Push Marketing 

Push marketing is also known as “outbound marketing,” or “interruptive marketing.” It is a technique designed to get information in front of as many potential customers as possible. You are probably familiar with push marketing that comes in the form of billboards, TV and radio commercials, and promoted ads on social media.   

As a Consultant, push marketing is how you get your business in front of new eyes! Below are some popular push marketing techniques Consultants use. Read on for a full understanding of how you can use them to boost your business.   

Popular Push Marketing Techniques   

  • Post on social media! Don’t forget to clean up your social media accounts to make sure what is visible to the public represents the brand you want! 
  • Give people business cards (available through Vistaprint)
  • Email/text blasts 

Pull Marketing  

Pull marketing is designed to attract people to your business by utilizing personalized, one-on-one communication to develop relationships and build rapport with your potential customers.  

There are special opportunities for pull marketing when you’re a Pure Romance Consultant because you can decide when and how you interact with potential customers one-on-one.  

Popular Pull Marketing Techniques  

  • Personalized emails, text messages, and phone calls  
  • Personalized cards (thank you cards) 
  • Direct or private messages on social media  

What Are You Marketing For? 

Marketing is how you introduce people to your brand, and how you begin to establish relationships with potential customers. There are various things you want to motivate potential customers to do, depending on how you want to run your business. As we go on, we will dive into how you can utilize push and pull marketing to gain customers, team members, and party bookings alike!  

How Will You Market It? 

When determining your marketing strategy, there are two key things to consider:  

  1. What is the method through which you send your message? 
    • The method is where or how you send your message. Different marketing methods could be phone calls, emails, texts, social media, mail, and more! 
  1. What is the message you’re going to send? 
    • This is the heart of your marketing. What you say and how you say it will be important factors in determining whether your potential customers behave the way you want them to

Your messaging is where you will most strongly develop your Know, Like, Trust Factor.  

  • The Know, Like, Trust Factor is a popular concept that influences how loyal your customers are to your brand, based on the content they see from you
  • To develop your Know, Like, Trust Factor, it is important to remain open and genuine in your marketing. And remember the 80/20 rule: 
    • 80% of your content should be about you – your trips, hobbies, and whatever else can help your customers get to know you – while about 20% of your content should be more business focused (sales, bookings, the opportunity, etc.) Both types of content generate revenue for your business 
    • The Know, Like, Trust Factor is the key to making lifelong customers out of onetime buyers. If someone has insight into your everyday life and perceives a personal connection with you, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand down the road

Marketing for Personal Website Orders/Reorders 

Getting website orders is the quickest way to generate sales! Utilizing corporate’s amazing sales and offers incentivizes customers to shop on your Personal Website. When customers shop your Personal Website, orders are packed and shipped for you by corporate, and you earn commission!  

Below are some of the best ways to get potential customers to order from your Personal Website.  

Push Technique

The corporate office offers many online sales to help drive traffic to your Personal Website. These sales often include a discount on a minimum order amount and even free gifts! With these Facebook posts, your goal is to entice viewers to take advantage of this deal on your Personal Website. There are two main places you should look to post these sales: your VIP Group and any party groups you have created for upcoming parties.   

Pro Tip: There are many sales run by corporate. Be sure to rotate which sales you feature, and market them through different platforms. Also, add a photo with your post to grab the attention of your audience.  

Example post:

I LOVE this weather, but not loving having to shave every day! The only thing that makes it easier is my favorite shave cream! I’ve got 5 free bottles I’m giving away – who wants one?!  

Pro Tip: Take a selfie with your favorite scent of Conditioning Shave Cream OR use shareables! Also, don’t forget to check your private messages to see if anyone reaches out! 

Pull Technique
Messaging: Facebook post / VIP Group post follow up 

When people interact with the Facebook post talked about above, reply to their comment with 3 or more words and let them know you will be following up via private message.

For example:

Great – sent you a message!  

In the private message, you can send them something like this:   

Hey {Name}, thank you so much for commenting on my post about the free shave cream! I have a few ways you can claim your free gift so your legs stay sexy and smooth all season long. Choose one or both – let me know! 

1. Party with me (hello, fun and free gifts) and get a free shave cream! 
2. Shop my site – I can send you a code to get a free shave cream by treating yourself to {$X} of Pure Romance goodies! 

Which option would you like to spoil yourself with?

Pro Tip: Make sure to keep up with the conversation so she doesn’t miss out on the offer. If the offer is only for a short period of time, consider including a deadline to create urgency!  

Push Technique 

Instagram Stories are different than Instagram Posts. Posts are the square photos in your grid. Ideally, your grid should be cohesive, using similar filters, colors, etc. Stories are the circles displayed at the top of the home screen. Stories don’t need to be as “perfect” as posts. When a user taps a circle, the Story expands to full screen (meaning nothing else is on the screen) which gives you a captive audience. 

  • Stories disappear after 24 hours, so viewers know Stories are timely and recent
  • More people see Stories than Posts. Over 500 million people read Instagram Stories every day – that’s a LOT of opportunities to start a conversation! 
  • The key to using Stories to sell on Instagram and even Facebook is to be authentic and jump in with both feet. Don’t overthink it. Just do it!  
  • If adding a poll to your story, make options “yes” and “yes,” rather than “yes” and “no” 
    • Example:

Tap here to learn more about Stories and Reels!

Check out this video on Using Instagram Stories to Sell with Consultant Peg Fitzpatrick!

Push Technique

You may also choose to promote Personal Website sales via email or text message. Check out an example below:  

I know you’ve been waiting for a killer deal to checkout with and here it is! Click here [insert Personal Website link] or reply “I want!” to this email in the next two hours and I’ll get it for you! 

Send A Reminder

Hey {Name}, I wanted to follow up to make sure you didn’t miss out on the opportunity for {fill in offer}. I am here to chat, what questions do you have? 

Note: Be sure to include any marketing images that the corporate office creates for this sale by utilizing the assets in our Google Drive or emails. It’s important that customers have any codes that are required with an offer, so there is no confusion on how they redeem! 

Pull Technique 
Messaging: Reorders 

Depending on the sale, you may choose to promote the offer to different customers based on their past orders. To find out who has purchased that product (or a product like it) before, head to your My Customer Orders. From there, you can check “Web Order Customers” and “Party Customers.”  

Pro Tip: You can filter by date and product purchased to gather your data. Then, you can message everyone who has purchased that product before (or one similar) to promote the sale.   


Hey {Name}, I know you’re loving the {insert product they purchased} so I wanted to check in to see if you needed a refill! There’s a {insert days to create urgency} offer right now to get {insert product} for free and I thought of you right away! Let me know if you want more information!  

When they respond that they want more info: 

Hey {Name}, thank you so much for responding to my message! I have a few ways you can claim your free gift. Choose one or both – let me know! 

1. Party with me (hello, fun and free gifts) and get a free {insert product}!  
2. Shop my site – I can send you a code to get a free {insert product} by treating yourself to {$X} of Pure Romance goodies! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


When they respond saying “no thank you:” 

No worries! I’ll follow up with you in a few weeks to check in to see if you’re all good! Appreciate you!   

Pro Tip: Even if you get a no, it’s professional to respond back. 

Push & Pull Technique Used Together 
Messaging: Birthday orders 

​Reaching out to people on their birthday can be an effective way generate orders and gain valuable data about your customers when done consistently. Before you start reaching out, you’ll want to create a birthday survey to help you learn more about your customers.   

Pro Tip: Facebook is a great way to find birthdays! At your home feed, scroll down the list of links in the left-hand column until you find See More > Events > Birthdays. You may choose to just wish them a “Happy Birthday” with no sales push to boost your Know, Like, Trust factor – your choice!  

Here are the steps you’ll want to take to get birthday orders:   

  1. Post on Facebook like this:  

Let’s celebrate! Who’s having a birthday this month?! 

  1. Respond to every single comment with 3 or more words and let them know you will be following up via private message, then private message the respondents something like this:


So, I’m having a big virtual birthday party this month for all of the birthdays! A few of them are inviting their friends and we’re going to play games and do some shopping together in a private Facebook Group. Ladies 18+ only. You don’t need a lot of friends, we can start with 3-5, and you’ll receive part of my commission if any of your friends order. Can I add you to the group and list you as one of my favorite birthday ladies?

When she says yes, give her the link to the birthday survey so she can fill it out:

Great! Please fill out this quick survey {link to birthday survey} so I know how you want to be spoiled!

If in her survey, she says she’s interested in a virtual or in-person birthday party, check out the party section to learn more!  

Pro Tip: If respondents choose a virtual party, you do not have to create a new group for each respondent. You can group all the parties together in your VIP Group, while each party will have its own unique party shopping link. For more tips on virtual parties, head to the virtual party section. 

If she says no:

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I hope you have a great birthday.  

Pro Tip: Even if you get a no, it’s professional to respond back. 

  1. Send a birthday card in the mail for a personal touch  
  2. Check the birthday survey every day or two to get these orders placed for your customers within the two-week timeframe  
  3. Once she’s filled out the birthday survey and you know which birthday option she is interested in, follow up with her via private message to get her order (if you have the product(s) in inventory) or provide her with a link to your Personal Website (if you don’t have the product(s) in inventory)  
  4. Follow the 2/2/2 method outlined in the Sales Processes section, starting with the 2-week message

Marketing for Parties 

Parties are an important part of your business. They are a great place to sell products, generate guests’ interest in hosting parties, and fill your sponsoring funnel. When thinking about your party marketing strategy, consider both how you will get people to book a party and how you will market the products and opportunity to the guests once the party is underway. Let’s jump into some top tips! 

Pre-Party: Booking Parties 

There are two avenues you can choose to utilize when making booking posts or messages. 

  1. Use ready-to-go assets  
    • Use the branded images and captions designed by the corporate office
    • You can use self made assets, content from the Media Center or anything from our emails.
  2. Create your own  
    • Always use a photo or graphic. Show them what they can earn or pique curiosity  
    • We recommend using Pure Romance templates and updating them in Canva to put your style in play
    • Keep your caption short and to the point  

YOU GUYS! My Pure Romance Consultant just spoiled her hostess with $200 in free gifts! 

I’m offering a goodie bag to the first five who have a ladies’ night in {insert month}. Who likes FREE GIFTS?

Whether you’d prefer to create your own booking posts or use the ready-to-go assets, the big idea is to create urgency by making an offer your contacts can’t refuse. Keep offers “limited” – either limited time (valid for the next 12-24 hours) OR limited quantity (first 2-3 who schedule their party). 

Push Technique

Booking posts are images and captions posted on your social media accounts with the specific purpose of booking a party. This approach works best once you have established solid engagement in your VIP Group and have real connections with your customers. 

These posts typically include a limited-time offer, such as a free product or discount, that encourages viewers to take action immediately. Although you want to make your offer appealing to your connections, you also want it to be cost effective. If offering free products or bundles, plan to buy smart. 

  • Use products from the “Sale” category
  • Go to Online Office > Orders > Place Regular Order. Then select “Sale” from the dropdown list.  
  • Take advantage of additional discounts with daily sales  
    • Daily sales are listed on the homepage of the Online Office  
    • Pro Tip: To take advantage of daily sales, be sure that you are purchasing products that count as “Retail Credit” (i.e. not Business Supplies)


I’m looking for at least two fun ladies who live in this area and are willing to introduce me to their friends. If you help me, I will happily give both of you gift certificates to my shop. If you host one yourself, I’ll double it. Tag who you know!

Other booking post ideas: 

  • Mystery Hostess Gift or Pick a Number– Create numerous bags containing potential hostess gifts (each bag may or may not contain the same items). Number your bags, post a picture of the bags and ask viewers to choose which one they want 
    • Example post:

Each bag contains a special treat, let me know below which bag you choose!

    • Make sure you like and reply to comments in 3 or more words, then direct message them for the offer 
      • For examples of private message offers, see the “Pull” section of “Pre-Party” 
  • Featured Product – Post a picture or go live featuring the product you’re offering as a Hostess incentive 
    • For example, if you were offering Body Boost, you would make a post like this:

Get ready for shorts season! You’ll love how smooth and firm your skin looks!

    • Make sure you like and reply to comments in 3 or more words, then private message them for the offer 
      • Read on for examples of private message offers
  • Gift Sets – Package 2 or more products together 
  • Discount – Offer your Buying Discount on any 1 item of their choice 

“Gift Sets” and “Discount” are additional booking post ideas. For these, follow the same push and pull techniques as the other booking posts.  

Depending on the retail value of your incentive, you may choose to offer it for free or at a significant discount (never go above your Buying Discount). Whether partying in-person or virtually, present the gift during the party. (This may encourage guests to book a party of their own!) If partying virtually, mail the gift immediately after the party. 

Pull Technique 
Messaging: Booking Post follow-up   

It is important to follow up with those that interacted with the booking post and give them an offer so they can get their gift. Below are examples of private messages you can send to these women after they show interest in the incentives.   

Hi {Name}, let’s party! Would you like to see a few open dates and get the fun started?   

If they say no to the offer, you can still encourage a website order with this message:  

No worries! If you still want to get your hands on the {product or incentive}, I have a coupon you can use! Would you like the details?

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make those connections personable and flow organically with your customers.  

Push Technique 
Messaging: Booking messages 

These mass messages sent through email, Media Center, or text messages follow the same structure as the booking posts above. The only difference is, instead of posting the picture with the caption on Facebook, you send the picture to the recipients and use the caption as the body of the message. The follow-up guidelines in the “Pull” section of “Pre-Party” apply to these options as well.  


Open party dates are available! But they are filling up fast since I’ve made it my goal to bring more fun to more people! Help me fill up my calendar and YOU can pick your date and your prize* 

{insert 3 open dates and 3 prize options} 

*First come, first serve. 

Pro Tip: Be mindful of the character limit on text messages. Keep communications short, sweet, and engaging!

Pull Technique 

It is important to follow up with those that responded to the message and give them an offer so they can get their gift. Below are examples of messages you can send to these women after they show interest in the incentives.   


If you could pick your prize – prize 1, prize 2, or prize 3 – which would you choose? Be one of the first 5 to reply to this email with your answer to find out how you can receive it! 

<wait for reply> 

Yay! Thank you for responding. You picked a prize! All you have to do is pick one of these dates to have a fun ladies’ night with me!

Give 2 in-person dates, have a virtual date available, and one more in-person date if those do not work.

If they say no to the offer, you can still encourage a website order with this message:   


No worries! If you still want to get your hands on the {product or incentive}, I have a coupon you can use! Would you like the details?   

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make those connections personable and flow organically with your customers.  

Pull Technique 

Booking calls are an effective booking method for multiple reasons:  

  • You can personalize the conversation  
  • Hearing the excitement in your voice is more powerful than reading it  
  • It’s harder for people to say “no” to a live voice than electronic media  

Booking calls should feel as natural as talking to your best friend, not like you’re reading from a script. Every conversation is different, so let it develop organically. Before your call, head to their social media page(s) for life updates you can bring up in conversation. Remember, the most important things are to present your authentic self and focus on what’s in it for them.   


Hey {Name}! It’s {Your Name}, your Pure Romance Consultant. How are you? 

<wait for reply>

I saw that {insert life update}. That’s awesome! Two minutes is all I need. I’m making phone calls because I’ve been challenged to book as many parties as I can in an hour. If you say yes now, I’ll pencil you in. Would you like to hear my dates? 

<wait for reply> 

If yes, tell her the earliest date you have open and see if that works for her. If not, suggest other dates you have available to see if they work for her.

If no:

No worries! I have a few open dates coming up in the next few months. Can I reach back out in a few weeks to see if your calendar has opened up? 

At the Party

Push Technique 
Messaging: Booking Activities  

Check out the Booking Activities section for more information.

Messaging: Sponsoring Activities

For information and suggestions, visit the Sponsoring Activities section.

Push Technique 

This sign, displayed in your ordering room, will let both you and your guests know that you must ask them 3 questions:

  1. If they would like to book a party 
  2. If they’re interested in becoming a member of your team 
  3. If they will refer you to their friends
Pull Technique

Here’s where you will ask your party guests the three questions outlined above. Check out these helpful videos to learn how to navigate this conversation effectively:  

  • Three yes’s (Video Coming Soon!)
  • Three no’s (Video Coming Soon!)

Marketing for Events

Events are a great place to get your business in front of people! People can speak with you face-to-face to get a better understanding of your business, products, and the opportunity you offer. It is important, then, to get as many people to the event as possible! Therefore, there are three marketing pieces to consider when going to an event:  

  • Marketing to get people to come to the event  
  • Marketing at the event to get people to come to your booth 
  • Marketing after the event to establish relationships with potential customers 
Pre-Event: Get Guests to Arrive 
Push Technique

To encourage people to come to the event, share it with them via social media alongside a caption like this: 

Hey friends! If you didn’t see this, I’ll be setting up a booth at {Event Name}. I’d love to have you stop by! If you’re busy, please tag any of your friends that might be interested. Drop “GOING” if you’re able to attend!  

It is also important to consider which type of event you’ll be attending so you can tailor messaging to your target audience. For example, if you’re going to a Wedding Expo, consider using verbiage like this: 

Hey friends! Do you know anyone in our area that’s getting married soon? Tag them in the comments below!   

Pro Tip: Adding photos to your post makes it more likely to be seen. For ready-to-go photos, sorted by the type, head to the Google Drive or you can create your own in Canva.

Pull Technique

When people interact with your post about the event, send them a message like this:

Hey {Name} – I saw you liked my post – would you like more details about the {event}?  

If they tagged someone else in the comments, reach out to the tagged person with a message like this: 

Hey, {Name}! {Name} tagged you in a post about {Event Name!} We would love to meet you & connect that day! Are you able to attend? 

<wait for reply> 

If yes:

Okay, awesome! Be sure to stop by the Pure Romance booth because I have a prize giveaway for you to be entered in! 

If no:

No worries. Would you like me to keep you in the loop about other events I might have? 

When a customer comments on your post, respond with a message like this:  

Hey {Name}! You will love {Event Name!} Make sure you stop by and see us at our Pure Romance booth.  

At the Event: Get People to Come to Your Booth 

Push Technique 
Messaging: The setup of your booth  

The setup of your booth is going to help you draw people in. Be sure to make it interesting and enticing so people stop and talk to you! Check out a great way to set up your booth below: 

Pull Technique
Messaging: Pure Romance information 

Have you ever heard about Pure Romance? We’re a women’s wellness company with a house of brands from Bath & Body to skincare and intimacy! I’ve got some products right here. Would you like to try some?

{continue to talk about products and have them try out some of the Bath & Body products}  

We’re giving away this basket of goodies, so be sure to fill out a raffle ticket so I can enter you to win!    

Pro Tip: Always have products to be able to test like Basic Instinct, Dream On Ball, or Refreshing Fragrance Mist to start up the conversation with guests that come up to your table.  


After the Event:

Because post-event messaging will only be follow-up related, there is only a pull technique for this section.

Pull Technique 


Hi {Name}, it’s {your name} from Pure Romance. I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my booth and entering the raffle. You were one of my shopping spree winners! Please respond back with SPREE if you’d like to claim your prize.   

Pro Tip: Add a photo of you in front of your event booth to remind them of their interaction with you.

If they respond with SPREE:

Okay, great! You can get spoiled 2 ways – take your pick! 

1. When you get a few girlfriends together for a fun, free ladies’ night you’ll earn a shopping spree! 
2. Shop my site – I can send you a code to get a free {insert product} by treating yourself to {$X} of Pure Romance goodies! 

Which option do you like?

If they turn down the shopping spree: 

No problem! I’d love to stay in touch with you for any of your Pure Romance needs. Would you like a coupon to shop and stock up on any or your Pure Romance favorites?   

If no:

No worries – let’s stay connected then in case your needs change! Feel free to join my VIP Group for a great community of women for us to stay in touch in the future. {link to VIP Group}

Marketing the Opportunity

Push Technique 


Looking for extra income? Have some home improvements? Planning for a wedding? Starting my own business was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. Drop a 💖 in the comments if you want more details!

{photo of your team. If you don’t have a team, use a photo of the products that come in Standard or Deluxe Kits}

Pro Tip: Don’t simply post the pricing of the kits. Instead, entice viewers to interact with your post so you can follow up with them directly.  

Pull Technique 
Messaging: Email, text or Facebook/VIP Group post to follow-up 

When recipients respond to your email, text, or Facebook post, you can send them a message like this:

If you are a newer Consultant:

Hi {Name}! I became a Pure Romance Consultant and my upline asked me today who I would absolutely love to work with and you were the first person to come to mind! I think it would be amazing to work with you because {genuine compliment}. What do you say? Have you ever thought about something like this? 

If you’re a seasoned Consultant:

Hey {Name} it’s {your name}, your Pure Romance Consultant! You were so knowledgeable about the products at the party {time range of when they attended a party of yours}. I know you would have fun with this, plus I would love to work with you! Have you ever thought about doing what I do?

Marketing for Referrals 

With referrals, you will leverage your existing network to expand your reach. Your goal here is to get your customers to tell their friends and family about your business. Read on for some great examples of messaging to generate referrals.

Push Technique

Put a post like this in your VIP Group.

Example 1:

Do you have 5 girlfriends looking for a little fun in their lives? Invite them to our community and be entered to win a prize!  

Example 2:

Welcome new VIP members. Drop a fun fact about yourself for a coupon code.   

Pull Technique 

If using Example 1 from above, follow up with a message like this when someone interacts with your post:   

Hey {Name}, so excited to have you join our group! This is a fun community where we talk all things sexual wellness, empowering women, and {insert 1 thing you love about your VIP Group}   

{Suggestions: Mom life, body positivity, dating tips, etc.}

If you add 5 friends to the group, you’re entered to win a prize! 

If using Example 2 from above, follow up with a message like this when someone interacts with your post:   

Hey {Name}, it’s {your name}! I loved your fun fact about {insert fun fact}. Thanks for sharing! Also, welcome to our group. As promised, here is a {insert discount code SHOP10} to use on your first order with me. {insert Personal Website link}  

Push Technique 


Hey {Name}, it’s {your name}! I’m looking to expand my circle. If you have any friends that would be interested in Pure Romance, I pay for referrals. Would you like to hear more about that?  

Pull Technique

When someone responds to your text message confirming that they have friends to refer to you, send them a message like this:  

Thank you so much for your referral! Could you connect us through social or phone number? 

Pro Tip: Once the referral schedules a party, joins your team, or makes a purchase, connect with the original customer who referred you to send them their free gift.   

Foil Packs are great for prizes and gifts. Learn more about Foil Packs here!

Marketing for Product Testers

A great way to generate interest is to offer small discounts to your customers to try the products before you buy in bulk or add to your demo. This will allow your customers to feel like they are really a part of something. The goal is to collect orders and unbiased reviews of products. This enables you to share positive customer feedback (anonymously, of course!) during parties and on social media. 

Push Technique
Messaging: Media Center, text, or Facebook/VIP Group post

Example email:

Product Testers needed! I have new products and I need your help to decide which ones I will carry! Want to get in on the action? You grab the goodies at a discount & I custom build packages just for you! Fill out this quick survey to let me know which package works best. 

Example text:

Hey {Name}, new products just dropped. I need a few Product Testers and I only have {X} packages available. Would you like to be one of my exclusive testers?  

Example Facebook/VIP Group post: Put a post on Facebook with a caption like this alongside an image like the one below:   

Can you help me?

Pull Technique 
Messaging: Email, text, or Facebook/VIP Group post follow up  

When people ask for more information about becoming a Product Tester as a result of your Facebook post, text message, or email, send them a message like this:   

Hey {Name}, thanks for wanting to know the details about being an exclusive Product Tester. Your opinion matters & you get special pricing. All I ask for is a review on what you tested. Complete this survey to decide which works best for you!

{link to Product Tester survey}  

Pro Tip: Product tester pricing is established by you as the Consultant. Most Consultants will create discounted packages or discount individual products at 10-15% off.  

Tap here to see an example of a basic Product Tester survey.   

As a business owner, you should always be thinking of innovative ways to excite your customers. While there are many great examples here, feel free to alter them to your brand. Our top tip: Never be afraid to try something new!   

Once you develop a marketing plan, finding new ways to excite your customer will become a habit. Being proactive, consistent, and genuine in your marketing will reward you greatly. Now, get out there, connect, and engage with everyone who crosses your path!  

Pro Tip: Consistency is key! Make sure to try these marketing tips more than once to obtain ultimate results!