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Congratulations on starting your business! You’re ready to launch, so learn all about your virtual Launch and Encore parties. They’re your first chance to show off your Pure Romance business to friends and family, and you’ll get to practice presenting products and your parties with people who support you. This is where you’ll develop your party confidence, get familiar with the party flow and your products, and make money right out of the gate (because when your guests see these hot items, they’ll have to stock up for themselves!).

Follow these simple steps to set up your virtual Launch and Encore parties and get the word out about them.

Step by Step:

  • 1. Schedule your virtual Launch Party
    • Select a date right away to do your virtual Launch Party.
  • 2. Pick a date a few days after this for your virtual Encore Party.
  • 3. Enter your virtual Launch Party into MY PARTIES
    1. Select yourself as the hostess and input your information.
    2. Title the Party: “Pure Romance Launch Party”
    3. Add the time, date, and location (your house or another location you decide on. Remember, wherever you pick should have a private shopping room for people who want to purchase from you that night.)
    4. Save the party and continue to Manage Party.
    5. Collect the “Shopping Link” and save it – you’ll post this URL in your Launch Party promotion later on.
    6. BONUS: Here’s a Launch Party event cover photo you can use to spice up your Facebook event even more!
    7. BONUS: Make your Encore Party Facebook invite stand out with this event cover photo!
  • 4. Enter your virtual Encore Party into MY PARTIES
    1. Repeat the virtual Launch Party process for your virtual Encore Party, titling it “Encore Party” and using the appropriate Encore Party details. 
    2. BONUS: If you want to get more info about “My Parties” and how it works, tap here!
  • 5. Create a Facebook Event for your virtual Launch Party
    1. Name the Event: “YOUR NAME’s Pure Romance Virtual Launch Party!”
    2. Add the time and date of your Launch Party. 
    3. Copy and paste the following script for your event description:

      I’m so excited to share that I’m launching my very own Pure Romance business – and I choose YOU to help me get the party started! Join me from the comfort of your home for my virtual Launch Party, as I showcase the best in bath, beauty, and intimacy products that can help you find your oasis right in your home! You’ll have fun, engage with others, and learn what these products can do for you. Treat yourself to products for self-care, pampering, or to spice things up in the bedroom! Are you ready for fun, entertainment, and connection through the comfort of your home?

      [INSERT VIRTUAL PARTY LINK.]The more the merrier, so invite a friend (or two!).
      If you want to browse the amazing selection of products that Pure Romance offers or can’t join the virtual party but want to shop with me, check out my personal website here: [INSERT LAUNCH PARTY SHOPPING LINK.] Thank you so much for your support of my small business, and I can’t wait to share this new adventure with you!Invite party guests – Remember, all party guests must be women ages 18 and up. You’ll want to invite a lot of people so they can attend the party remotely. Invite friends and family who don’t live in the area so that they can participate in the fun and shop with you! 
    4. Create your first post!
      Copy and paste the following script with this image: 
      • Let’s get the party started – comment below with how you and I are connected!

      • Keep excitement high in this event before your party by sharing your favorite articles from and these cute images to keep your event fun and your guests chatting!
  • 6. Repeat this Facebook event creation for your virtual Encore party!
    1. Name the event “YOUR NAME’S Pure Romance Virtual Encore Party”
    2. Copy and paste the following script for your event description:
      Encore, encore! Couldn’t make it to my virtual Launch Party? I’d love for you to attend my virtual Encore Party and see what the buzz is about! Did you enjoy the virtual Launch Party and want to experience it again? Need a way to connect with others and have fun, right from the comfort of your home? Join me as I showcase the best in bath, beauty, and intimacy products and treat yourself to one or two (or more!). You’re sure to find products that will bring you happiness each day or night!. The more the merrier, so bring a friend or two!. 
    3. You can use the same assets above for fun and exciting posts in your virtual Encore Party event, or check out virtual Party Planning for more great assets you can share!