Sexual Health Professional Training Program

Over the past several years, more than a thousand Consultants have participated in surveys with the Indiana University research team. The results of these surveys have clearly shown that Consultants who are knowledgeable about sexual wellness and who have developed positive attitudes about informed sexuality, experience significantly higher sales and are able to offer the business opportunity to more women.

To help you succeed, Pure Romance offers the Sexual Health Professional Training Program “Promoting Sexual Health: The Basics and Beyond”. Pure Romance has invested in developing this training to increase your sexual health knowledge, and to help you develop the skills to present the Pure Romance product line to diverse groups of people.

Written and developed by doctors from Indiana University, this online education program is available exclusively for Pure Romance Consultants. It highlights information you need to know in order to educate your clients and grow your business. The Sexual Health Professional Training Program is available to all Consultants and consists of 14 units. Participants may take the course at their own pace, allowing them to fit this training program into their business as they see fit. Additionally, each unit highlights instructor-led video components that may serve as valuable resources for additional information, insights or activities that you can use at your parties or in other community settings.


  • Learn about sexuality and sexual health.
  • Acquire important skills related to working with diverse groups of people.
  • Feel confident teaching people about sexual health, and identifying when to refer them to other health professionals.
  • Receive a certificate of completion from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University – Center for Sexual Health Promotion.
  • Receive important knowledge and training in areas that can support their day-to-day work as Consultants. In addition, should you decide to apply for certification as a sexuality educator through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, you will be able to document your successful completion of this online course as part of your educational hours.

Curious to know how this training program has impacted the life of your sister Consultants?! Watch the video below to find out:

How to register:

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To learn more about this program, please check the FAQ document that has been created for Consultants. If you have additional questions after reading the FAQ document, please email [email protected].