Hostess Incentive

There are three great reasons why you should promote Hostess Incentives:

  1. Reason for Contact – Hostess Incentives make it easy to ask your contacts if they’d like to have a party because you have something amazing to offer – free products!
  2. Create Desire – There are so many reasons to hold a Pure Romance party. You can have fun with your besties, enjoy a women-only environment, learn more about sexual wellness, and you can shop in private. Add in some freebies (Hostess Incentives) and that’s an offer your potential hostess can’t refuse!
  3. Increase Sales – Your hostess will encourage her friends to shop because the more they buy, the more she’ll get for free!


Passing out the hostess brochure to partiers or customers helps gain interest in becoming your hostess! Plus, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for partying?! Pure Romance’s policy rewards hostesses with 10% of the total party sales to be used as shopping credit. When the party reaches $250 retail or more – which is super easy to do, they’ll also receive a free full-size Pure Romance product!

Here’s what Hostess Incentives often look like:

$250$25 CreditA Free ProductAround $45
$500$50 CreditA Free ProductAround $70
$750$75 CreditA Free ProductAround $95

Depending on what works for your business, you may decide to offer your hostess additional rewards to encourage bookings and higher sales.


Discuss the rewards with your hostess when you book the party and while reviewing the Party Kickoff Form. Knowing what’s on her Party Wish List will enable you and your hostess to set party goals that will get her those must have products. Remind her that preorders count toward her total party sales. Encourage her to tell guests who are unable to attend that they can shop for her party using her unique hostess shopping link or contacting you directly.  

During the party, make a big deal about the incentives your hostess is receiving. Remind her guests that everything they purchase will increase the hostess’ shopping spree; and they, too, can be rewarded with free products by booking a party of their own.


Remember to keep incentives cost-effective. You want to stay profitable! Plan to give the same full-size gift to each hostess or allow her to pick from a variety of products. Some cost-effective free product incentives include:

  • Conditioning Shave Cream
  • Refreshing Fragrance Mist
  • Heart Massager
  • Sensations
  • Bosom Buddy
  • Basic Instinct
  • Fan Favorite
  • Any sale item!

When choosing incentives to offer your hostesses, utilize items that come in six-packs, are on sale, or you’ve earned for free!

PRO TIP: Consider using a “consumable” product as your free gift to promote future business. When your hostess needs to restock her supply, she can purchase from you again or host another party!