Time to Party

Parties are the heart of Pure Romance. They’re a fun way for you to meet customers, future hostesses, and potential team members. Parties equal profits.  

As you get started with your new business, your initial planning should include three parties: Launch, Encore, and Bestie.  

Launch Party

Your Launch Party – the kick-off of your new business. Most Consultants aim to throw their Launch Party in their first few weeks in business, followed by a prescheduled Encore Party about a week later. You’ll play both hostess and Consultant while showing your friends and family what Pure Romance is all about.
For the Launch Party you can:

  • Hold the party at your place or a friend’s  
  • Show off and share your favorite products 
  • Make connections for future bookings  

Plus, your perfect opportunity to make a few sales and be on your way to getting your first few orders! Your Launch Party is a great opportunity to practice your demo, get familiar with the products, and make connections for future bookings!

Encore Party 

Now let’s talk about your Encore Party – your follow-up party for those who couldn’t make the Launch Party.

  • Build on what you’ve learned from your Launch Party 
  • Book another Party

Pro tip: schedule your Encore Party at a different time of the week than your Launch Party. If your Launch was on a weekend, try scheduling your Encore on a weekday to work with different guests’ schedules.

Bestie Party 

Your Bestie Party is going to be the first party you throw where you’re not the hostess. The goal is to have your bestie or another guest that attended your Launch or Encore Party throw their own party, as an easy transition for you to party with hostesses. It’s okay to let the guests know that you are new and learning. The party flow of your Bestie Party will be very similar to a typical party.

  • Similar to your Launch and Encore Party, only now you’re working with your hostess to invite guests and build excitement 
  • Your hostess will have fun, connect with others, and earn Free Product with her hostess credit  
  • Great time to meet ladies outside of your current social circle and build your network!

Before you throw your Bestie Party, be sure to take a look at your Party Guide. 

Calculating Hostess Credit 

When working with a hostess, she earns a discount for hosting: 10% of total party sales to go towards her own shopping. 

  • Add up all the retail sales, minus any discounts, from the guests’ orders to find your total sales 
  • Find 10% by multiplying the total sales amount by .10 to get your hostess credit  
    • Example: 
      Party Totals: $600 Party Sales  
      Multiply: $600 x .10 = $60  
      Hostess Credit: $60 

If you can’t find a hostess, that’s okay! You should throw your own virtual or in-person party at least once a month. You can also reach out to other 18+ female-identifying entrepreneurs for a party swap. That means, you host a party for them and they host a party for you – instant connections for you both! Also, you can gain a full understanding of our hostess incentives by tapping here!

Go-To Resources 

Check out the Resources below for helpful documents in case your customers have questions: 

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to print these out and have them when you go to parties.

Looking for more party advice? Check out the Parties section!