Get to Know Pure Romance

At Pure Romance, we’re taking women everywhere on a transformational journey to live their most alive, helping them get to a place where they embrace their bodies, their sexuality, and their inner strength – a state where they experience the happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of themselves. 

As a Pure Romance Consultant, you’re part of a worldwide community (45,000+ strong!) dedicated to helping women everywhere become their best selves. 

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Meet Patty Brisben
Founder & Chairwoman

In 1993, Patty started Pure Romance in the basement of her suburban Ohio home. In those days, she did it all. Her hard work paid off, as over the next three decades, Pure Romance grew into what she had always dreamed it would be: A place where women could take control of their financial futures and inspire the people in their lives.  

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Meet Chris Cicchinelli
President & CEO

Chris, Patty’s oldest son, joined the company in 2000 and helped take Pure Romance to new heights.  

On the road 200+ days a year, Chris teaches proven business techniques to Pure Romance Consultants. From leading parties to networking and marketing themselves, Consultants develop all the tools they need to become successful in their business under his guidance. 

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