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To understand how to position our brands and products to your customers, read on to see how we present each collection to them. We highly recommend being your first customer to help you build confidence and firsthand experience with the products, but until you’re able to jump in, feel free to borrow our language when communicating with your potential customers about different types of products you can introduce them to. 

Pure Romance: Bath & Body

Breathe, unwind, and relax. You deserve it. There’s nothing like treating yourself and your skin to an elevated routine. With nourishing ingredients and seductive fragrances, this incredible collection will make you feel sexier and more confident than ever before.

Pure Romance: The Intimacy Collection

Make every intimate moment unforgettable with silky lubricants and sensual enhancements. This collection transforms your body or a partner’s into a constellation of pleasure. If you thought you knew sex – think again.

Pure Romance: Sex Toys

No sex life is complete without a sex toy. From a first-time addition to your top drawer to the newest addition to your personal, kinky collection, we’ve got a little something for everyone. We’ve been opening doors since 1993 and invite you to rediscover yourself. With powerful, controlled stimulation, sex toys are the perfect way to start exploring all of your pleasure zones. Take your pick from several types to elevate different intimate experiences and embrace your sexuality.

Pure Romance: Lingerie

Lingerie isn’t just for a partner’s eyes or reserved for special occasions. All day, any day, it’s your opportunity to celebrate your body, boost your confidence, and explore your sexuality! Consultant or none, wearing lingerie is about you. With this collection, make loving yourself your first priority, in and out of the bedroom!

HēLi: The Healthy Living Collection

We saw a need to create products that balance both mind and body. Each and every product in this collection features an understated design and botanicals, nutrient-rich ingredients, and select synthetics, chosen to help you achieve your wellness goals, head to toe. 

Pure 21: The Wellness Collection

Sexy doesn’t start when the lights go down, it starts when the sun comes up. And taking a holistic approach to wellness and meeting your body’s needs from head to toe helps you be your sexiest, most confident self. That’s where Pure 21 comes in. Through a transformational 21-day journey, you’ll reset, renew, and revitalize your body while building lifelong, healthy habits that will have you feeling irresistible every day (and night!)

Uncovered Skin Care: The Skin Care Collection

Inspired by a powerful sense of aliveness, we created Uncovered Skin Care: daily essentials that nurture your skin with an easy, 4-step regimen. We believe everyone deserves to live their most alive. And, to us, that means feeling confident uncovered and ready to show your bare skin every day.  

Euforia: The Premium Collection

It’s time to invest in your pleasure and sensuality. Transform beauty and intimacy into a truly luxurious experience with Euforia. This carefully curated collection features premium ingredients, materials, and intimacy products enhanced with Caleo™ heating technology.