Experience the Brands

Being your first customer and trying the products gives you first-hand experience. It makes you more confident in explaining their benefits and how to use them. Plus, you’ll be better equipped to make recommendations for customers based on their needs and wants when you have first-hand knowledge.

  • Be your own first customer  
    • Our Inventory Booster is available for purchase exclusively to new Consultants during your first 30 days in business. This offer includes top-selling products at up to 60% off, so you can become familiar with some of our most requested and popular purchases. There’s no substitution for personal experience and you will have extra items on hand to start selling right away!
    • If you’d just like to try one or two products, check out our Top 25 list to learn about some of our most popular items. Then head to your Online Office where you can place an order
  • Shadow a party
    • Shadowing a party is an important practice that every Consultant should participate in. Whether you’re a new Consultant just starting out, or a seasoned Consultant who’s been in the business for years, shadowing other Consultants will help keep your party presentation fresh. Shadowing in person is best, but party videos and virtual party presentations are also great ways to gain insight into other Consultants’ party demos. Make sure to use the Party Shadow Sheet as a resource to guide you through the party 
    • Not sure who to shadow? Contact your sponsor to see if you can shadow them, another member of your team, or reach out to us! Our sales team can help you connect with a Consultant in your area
  • Stay Connected
    • Take advantage of any trainings in your area. These often include more on our amazing products