Announce Your Business

When telling others about your business, we recommend starting big and announcing it to your whole social circle, then reaching out to others individually who’ve expressed interest in what you’re doing. There are many ways to go about sharing your news. We’ve outlined a few of them below. 

Note: Remember that the message examples throughout this section are just that – examples! When you’re texting, posting, or talking with others, you want it to flow like a conversation, not a sales pitch, automated message, or script.  

Your style and personality are what make your business unique – so be you! 

Post On Social Media

A great way to make your announcement on social media is to think about it in three steps: Teaser, Preview, and Announcement.

When posting, pick the platform where you have the most followers and friends, so you can be confident your posts will be seen! 

  1. With the Teaser, you want to make your social circle curious about what you’re going to announce. Below are a few examples of what your teaser post could say:

Just did something fun and totally different for me! Can’t wait to share! 

I just started a new adventure! Announcement coming soon! 

Really excited about a new opportunity I’ve jumped into! More soon!

Add a cute selfie onto your post, and if you have a Consultant Kit, make sure to add #pureromance!

The Preview is your chance to entice your followers and get them ready for the big reveal. Make sure to hide any product names or Pure Romance indicators from your post. 

It’s about to get real! Big announcement tomorrow!

Just getting a few things ready for my big announcement tomorrow! Stay tuned! 

I’ve got some super exciting news tomorrow! Don’t miss it! 

  1. The Announcement is just that – your reveal! We suggest going Live for your big moment. It’s a great time to talk about what excites you the most about starting your Pure Romance business, and why you decided to take the leap. Try to keep this simple and laid back. Talk honestly about your motivation and goals, and take the moment to highlight a few products and encourage your circle to message you for your website or party info!

Check out the example announcement below!

Pro Tip: Make sure to reach out to anyone who interacted with your posts. Connecting individually is the key to success and building your community.  

Nervous about going Live on Social Media? Don’t be! Check out these great tips from Katherine Nero and remember, practice makes perfect!

Text Your Inner Circle

Your friends and family are your biggest fans, and they want you to succeed! Text everyone 18 and older and let them know you’ve started a new business and ask for their support. Rather than sending an unsolicited link, make sure to get their permission first.   

Lead with gratitude in your messaging. We recommend following the verbiage below (but don’t forget to add your personality to it!)

  1. Reach Out
    Share what you’re doing and see if they’re interested in learning more.

Hey {Name}! How have you been?

<Wait for her reply and make sure to respond back>

So, I just started with Pure Romance, and was looking to share the news with a few friends.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Pure Romance at all, but I’d love to give you more info if you’re interested. If not, that’s fine too!

  1. Follow Up
    If she’s interested in more information, that’s your time to share all the details!

Awesome! Pure Romance is a company focused on women’s wellness and sexuality. I’ve put a link below where you can check out all the different products. They’ve got a lot of fun things on there!

If you’re just looking for a little something to try out, I’d suggest the Conditioning Shave Cream, but feel free to explore and let me know if you have any questions!

{insert Personal Website link} 

  1. Thank Them
    If they end up ordering from your Personal Website, make sure to thank them. This could also be a good time to bring up the idea of hosting a party.

Hey! I saw that you put in an order on my site. Thank you so much! If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out.

And if you LOVE it, maybe we can have a little get together with some friends, drink some wine, and I can show off some of the products!

Pick up the Phone

Another great way to spread the news is to call those you think might be interested. Reach out to others and tell them about Pure Romance and the opportunities ahead for you! 

Hey {Name}, this is {your name}! How have you been?

<When she says I’m doing well, How are you?> 

I’m also doing well. Actually, I am so excited I just started a new business! I wanted to reach out to my friends, and you are one of the first ones I thought of. Have you ever tried Pure Romance products before?

This is a great way to start building your network and to practice talking about Pure Romance!

Create Your Community

It’s time to start building your network with your Who Do You Know List. This is a great way to look at your social circles and begin to find those who might be interested in your new business. As you build up your group, and your circle widens, use the Lead Connection Form to organize your new contacts. This will help you keep track of when and where you first met members of your circle so you can better serve them with your Pure Romance business. 

From there, you can start setting up your Facebook Group, where you can invite your 18+ female-identifying friends to join you. This will allow you to reach out to your entire customer community at once and create a special place just for them. Social media is one of the best ways to market your business, widen your circle, and connect with others, so building this group will be essential to building your business. 

This group will become your VIP Group – a community for your most loyal followers, where you can chat, post about sales and product launches, share health and wellness information, and, of course, maybe a meme or two. 

Follow the steps below (or check out this video) to set up your group on Facebook: 

  1. Log in to Facebook  
  2. Select “Groups”  
  3. “Create New Group”  
  4. “Group Name”  
    • Example group name: {Name}’s VIP Group 
  5. Choose “Privacy” and set group to “Private”  
  6. Make sure the group is set to “Visible,” not “Hidden” 
    • This will allow people to search for, and find, your VIP Group 
  7. Add a cover photo 
  8. Add a description.

Hi Ladies! This is our private group exclusively for friends, clients, and incredible human beings. The fact that this is a private group means others can’t see what we discuss and it allows me to share sexual health and product info directly with you in a comfortable environment. A little bit about me: I am…

  1. Invite your friends – send out personal messages to friends, inviting them to your group. Consider inviting 10-20 people a day
  1. Build a posting schedule for your VIP Group. Posting consistently will help build your community and encourage interaction between the members of your group

    Check out the example below of how you could schedule your posts:

Pro Tip: You can find ready-made shareables on Pure Romance Media Center and on the Social Shareables page. 

A great way to extend your social circle beyond your current customers is to just share it with your network! Make a post like this on your personal Facebook page: 

Ladies 18+, I have a private group where we discuss relationships, self-care tips, play games, and share crazy memes. Drop a comment for an add! 

Your main goal when getting started is to develop your network and build your following in your VIP Group. Just remember to ask everyone you meet! You never know who might be interested in having a party, ordering product, or even joining your team.

Create Your Contact List

Now it’s time to tell everyone you know about your business! Pull together your contacts and build out your Who Do You Know List—you know more people than you think you do! The Who Do You Know List is a great way to look at your social circles and begin to list out possible contacts. 

Pro Tip: As you build contacts, you’ll always want to keep track of them with the Lead Connection Form.