New Consultant

30 Day Start

Day 1

Complete signup & update “My Information” from your Online Office.

Pro Tip: Opt into Pure Romance SMS to be the first to hear breaking news and exciting promotions!

Day 2

Watch this quick video on our products & stock your “shop” with the Inventory Booster.

Day 3

Create your VIP Group

Here’s where you stay connected with your customers. Utilize all social media avenues, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.!

Day 4

Announce Your Business – Post a teaser

Start to grow excitement and curiosity for the big announcement you will make in a few days!

Day 5

Announce Your Business – Post a preview.

Continue to build your VIP Group and excitement for what you’re going to announce tomorrow! 

Day 6

Announce Your Business – Announcement!

Go live and let everyone know about your new adventure! 

Day 7

Create your Who Do You Know List

This list helps you keep track of and continue growing your customer base.

Day 8

Did your Starter Kit arrive? Pop The Box with your friends! 

Also, start spreading the word! Reach out to 50 people from your Who Do You Know List and invite them to join your VIP Group!

Day 9


Practice going live today and showcase anything you’re excited about . This can be about family, friends, or business related!

Day 10

Be your first customer. Shop as if you’re a customer on your personal website. Or, shop with your discount upfront using your Online Office.

Pro Tip: Shop on sale days!

Day 11

Website Orders! – Aim for your first 5 orders!

Don’t forget to set a date to accomplish this goal.

Day 12

Sign up for Pure Romance Pay!

(You need to have one website order before you’re able to do this.)

Day 13

Schedule your Launch Party!

(You’re the host!)

Day 15

Place an order on your Personal Website or Online Office today!

Pro Tip: Our Inventory Booster comes with our best selling products!

Day 16

Update your Instagram to a Business Account. 

This will give you algorithms and help you grow your business!

Day 18

Direct message 10 ladies about your new business and ask them if they want to look at your Digital Catalog!

Find your digital catalog at the bottom of your Personal Website > Tap Digital Catalog > copy and paste link and share with customers.

Day 20

Perfect your booking commercial.

Reach out to 10 ladies.

Day 21

Book a party today!

Day 24

Schedule out 10 days of posts for your VIP Group!

Day 25

Day 26

Practice overcoming objections.

Put it in use, contact 30 ladies today and go for the no!

Day 27

Learn about corporate sales & promotions!

Offer 5 ladies discounts or codes to shop on your personal website TODAY!

Day 28

Get to know the Pure Romance Google Drive.

You will find all the assets corporate creates for you to use! 

Day 29

Explore our Consultant Training YouTube Channel.

Learn about Sexual Wellness Trainings, Product Demonstrations, Business Tips, and more!

Day 30

Plan your own calendar!

Congratulations on your first 30 days in business!

Fun & Flexible Ways to Sell

Digital VS Physical Inventory

Take advantage of physical inventory by purchasing from your Online Office or direct your customers to your digital inventory so they can order from your Personal Website.

Checkout the breakdown of each program and see what fits your business and lifestyle. Choose one or both. It’s your business, do what works best for you!

Option 1
Digital Inventory from your Personal Website

Send a customer to buy from your personalized website and receive the benefits.

  • Commission: Starts at 25 percent.
    When do you get paid? Sales on your personal website are reviewed every Monday. You are then paid through Pure Romance Pay within two business days. *Possible exceptions during holidays. *
  • Corporate Ships the Product to YOUR Customers: Worried about keeping inventory or stressed about sending packages? Our Pure Romance team ships out your customer’s orders for you, so you don’t have to.
  • Run your business from virtually anywhere! Take work poolside or halfway across the world, your options are endless.
  • Corporate creates online sales campaigns: All you have to do is promote your business.
  • People can access and order from your website at any time!
Option 2
Ordering Physical Inventory From Your Online Office

Products get delivered to your home, and you ship them out to customers or take them with you when you go to parties and events. Cue being the life of the party!

  • Buying Discount: Buy Pure Romance products from your Online Office at your discounted price, sell those products at retail value to friends and family, and receive direct money back in your pocket that day.
  • Instant Gratification: Stock up on inventory so your customers can go home with their favorite Pure Romance’s products instead of having them wait for their package to arrive. Even better, use your inventory to awaken the senses by showing people how a product looks, feels, smells, and more!
  • Increase Your Revenue: Take advantage of special Online Office sales. You’ll receive a larger profit from a sale to a customer because you paid less for the product initially. PLUS, you’re implementing smart business practices. Way to buy smart!

Consultants find that a good mix of personal website sales and ordering physical inventory from the Online Office work best when trying to grow a business. If you have any additional questions about either program or want to learn about how you can up your sales game, give us a call 866-ROMANCE.