At your Launch and Encore Parties, you’re the “hostess” – you pick the guest list, the date and time, and the location. Your Bestie Party; on the other hand, is your first party with a real hostess – someone who invites you into her home to share Pure Romance with her and her friends. Who is this hostess? It could be a friend or family member who supports your business, someone who loves the products and wants to get a sweet discount, or someone who knows you’re a Pure Romance Consultant and wants to see what this party thing is all about. 

Since you’ve gotten comfortable with your parties at the Launch and Encore events, you’re totally ready for this! Just follow these simple steps to book and plan your Bestie Party. 

1. Find a Hostess

Your onboarding video had you come up with the name of at least 3 potential Bestie Party hostesses – now, it’s time to reach out to them! Copy and paste the script below with the image into a new text message, and send one at a time to your potential Besties. 

“Hey NAME! I have some exciting news to share – I started my own Pure Romance business, and I have to say, I immediately thought of you because INSERT WHY! The best part of my job is I get to throw fun parties for women, give them tips for improving their intimate lives, and give away free gifts.

I’d love to spoil you with your very own shopping spree when you host a party of your own. Will you be my Bestie and host my first party?”

FUN FACT: When you’re saying why she’d make a great Bestie hostess, be genuine and real! Why DID you think of her to host your Bestie Party? Maybe she’s been super supportive of you in the past; loves to have a good time; could use a girls’ night in her life; loves Pure Romance products and would appreciate a great discount for partying.

2. Confirm

Once you have your hostess confirmed, set up the party in My Parties on your COO 

  • Navigate to the My Parties section in your COO and tap “New Party”
  • Select “Party” and “Add the hostess” and input your hostess’ information.
  • Title the Party: “HOSTESSES’ NAME Bestie Party” 
  • Add the time, date, and party address (this doesn’t necessarily have to be the hostess’ home address
  • Enter any notes about the party – is this for a special occasion? Does she have any information about guests or herself that you need to know? Did you promise her any special promotion to book with you? This is where you’ll log all the information that will help you remember the initial details of the party booking.
  • Save the party and continue to Manage Party.
  • Collect the “Shopping Link” and save it – you’ll post this URL in the Facebook Event later on 

3. Create

Create the Facebook event for your Bestie Party hostess!

  1. Name the Event: “HOSTESS’ NAME’S Pure Romance Party!”
  2. Add the party information (time, date, location
  3. Copy and paste the following script into the event description 

I’m having a Pure Romance party, and you’re invited! Join me as we relax, share some laughs, and learn about the hottest products Pure Romance has to offer. My Pure Romance Consultant, YOUR NAME, will share the best in bath, beauty, and intimacy products; and we’ll even get to spoil ourselves and shop ‘til we drop in a private shopping room. The more the merrier, so bring a friend! 

If you want to browse the amazing selection of Pure Romance products before the party, or can’t make it but still want to treat yourself, shop my party online at INSERT BESTIE PARTY SHOPPING LINK.

It’ll be a get-together to remember, so RSVP today! 

BONUS: We like to treat our Bestie, so use this Bestie Party event cover photo for your Facebook event!

  1. Invite your Bestie hostess to the event and make her an admin so she can add her guests and share other party details. 
  2. Create the first post and share it in the Event to greet the guests as they start accepting the invites. Take a selfie and copy and share the below script: 

Time to get this party started! I’m YOUR NAME and I can’t wait to be your Pure Romance Consultant at HOSTESS’ NAME’S party! A little bit about me: INSERT WHERE YOU’RE FROM, HOW YOU KNOW THE HOSTESS, AND WHAT YOUR FAVORITE PURE ROMANCE PRODUCT IS. 

Let me get to know you! Comment below with where you’re from, how you know the hostess, and what you’re looking forward to the most at the party! 

Your Facebook is a great place to keep your guests excited and sales and party attendance high. By posting regularly and showcasing different elements of what Pure Romance offers (parties, fun get-togethers, awesome products, sexual wellness info, and general boss-babe encouragement), you can give your guests just a taste of what they’ll experience at the big event, and show off a little of your personality in the process.

But what CAN you post? If you’re looking for inspiration, follow this day-by-day plan for one week of posts in your party event on Facebook! 

Monday ⇾ Sexual Wellness Article or Sex Fact

Tuesday ⇾ Fun Engagement Post

Who’s planning a fun date night this week? Tell us what you’re doing! 

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, I’ve got just the thing – check out the hottest relationship enhancement products that are sure to put the sizzle in date night or your solo sessions 😉


Wednesday ⇾ Product Feature 

I can’t wait to show you the amazing selection of bath, beauty, and intimacy products at HOSTESS’ NAME’s party, so here’s a sneak peek: my must-have product of the moment is INSERT YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT. LIST A FEW FACTS/FEATURES ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND WHILE YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH. Add this one to your wish list and stock up! 


Thursday ⇾ This or That engagement post 

Friday ⇾ #FlashbackFriday

Okay, time for a little Friday fun – INSERT A COMMENT ABOUT YOUR #FLASHBACKFRIDAY PICTURE. I know you have some great ones to share with the group – post your favorites below! 


Shopping URL for Guest Who Can’t Attend 

Be sure to make a post specifically with the shopping URL so guests who can’t make it can still shop and contribute to the party total 

Freebies for the Hostess 

How much free stuff would your hostess love to get? You’ve set a party goal with her – now it’s time to encourage her friends to shop so she can get all the goodies she deserves 

Articles and More! 

Did you know? Our website,, is full of awesome date night, boss babe, sexual health, and fun party articles!