You could change someone’s life.

The Pure Romance business opportunity is a gift, and you are in an exciting position to offer this gift to others. You’re giving them the chance to live the life they have always wanted and truly deserve! Invite a friend or party attendees to join you in the business – after all, everything’s better together.

You’ll get an advancement and a raise.

By building a team, even just a few team members, you can earn an advancement to a higher level and start earning an improved buying discount. You can also earn bonuses and rewards for your dedication to the business.

You can do it.

You might have a few questions or assumptions about whether you can sponsor and build a team – but you have a whole support system cheering you on!

The tools needed to support Consultants have been created for you by Corporate. There is also the support of your Sponsor, Trainer, and team.

Being a sponsor isn’t about having all the answers or knowing how to lead people just yet, it’s about going on a journey together – learning from each other and enjoying the ride. If you truly love what you do, it will shine through, and potential Consultants will be drawn to you.

You’ll find it’s pretty easy.

You can help help spark interest by planting sponsoring seeds. They are simple statements that can make new potential Consultants want to do what you do! Here are a few phrases that you can use throughout your party:

  • “I paid off a bill with what I made from one party!”
  • “I set my own schedule.”
  • “I work as often as I like.”
  • “I love helping women.”
  • “It was so easy to get started.”

You may also find that those interested will give you clues too. Here are some examples of statements you should be listening for at your parties:

  • “I bet you love your job.”
  • “Do you make good money?”
  • “I could use some extra cash.”
  • “How many parties do you do a week?”
  • “My boss is so hard to work for.”
  • “I am so glad to get out of the house.”

Once the conversation gets started, here are a few follow-up questions that you can ask:

  • “You looked like you had a lot of fun tonight. What was your favorite part?”
  • “What questions do you have for me?”
  • “What would you do with an additional $500 a month?”
  • “If you could create your own flexible schedule and work when you want to, how would that change your life?”

Most potential new Consultants may not sign up right away – and that’s OK. This is where keeping in touch and building a true relationship comes in. Schedule a set time each week to follow up with them and make it a consistent practice for you! Block off a time in your schedule on your calendar and treat it like any other appointment. Whether it’s texting, emailing, calling or reaching out on social media – the fortune is in the follow-up! It’s all about timing, and you never know when the timing will be right for someone to need the Pure Romance opportunity. Be consistent with your follow-up and you will get the results you want.